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2012 TrackChaser Report #27--Lawrenceburg, IN

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    TrackChasers: The long Saturday for Mike and I was still not over. We woke up in Ohio, drove to Indianapolis for 500 practice and the afternoon race there,
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      The long Saturday for Mike and I was still not over. We woke up in Ohio, drove to Indianapolis for "500" practice and the afternoon race there, drove to Madision for a TQ Midget rainout at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, and headed to North Vernon to catch a couple of features at Twin Cities. We left Twin Cities a little after 10:00, and hoped to get an hour or two towards home on Saturday night, as we would have a long driving day on Sunday.

      A little before 11:00 p.m. we were going through Lawrenceburg and saw that the track lights were on. This is Lawrencburg: How on earth could we not stop? We pulled into the parking lot and headed into the track, where they were no longer selling tickets. I have been to Lawrenceburg at least a half dozen times, the most recent was when I took Pam there for wingless sprints and met up with Kevin Eckert. That was longer ago than I thought, having been in 1994. Has it really been 18 years? I remember one year when Gordy and I went there after he finished work on two consecutive Saturdays! Young and foolish? I certainly never regretted it! Obviously, I had not been to Lawrenceburg since they enlarged the track and rebuilt just about everything, which took place in 2007-2008.

      What a nice track and a beautiful facility. They sure dumped a ton of money rebuilding that place! However, I'm old school and I love the bullrings. If given a choice, I would have chosen the quarter mile that I fell in love with in 1983.

      We headed up to the grandstands in the first turn to see what was left of the racing. The first of the two remaining races was for the Modifieds. Joey Kramer started on the pole and led all the way for his fifth win of the season but first at Lawrenceburg. There was some good racing in the pack. The new track is beautiful, but it was pretty darn dusty too.

      For the last feature we moved over into the frontstretch grandstand. I stopped and got a little pizza for six bucks, which was a bit pricy but at least it was hot and yummy. The final race was for the Hornets, and over 20 cars took the green. We planned to watch it all, but in the middle of the race two cars barrel rolled on the frontstretch and we decided to leave at that point.

      It was a nice surprise to get to see a little racing and to get my first look at the new version of Lawrenceburg Speedway. I've now been to more repeat tracks this year (14) than I have to new tracks (13). Still a race fan.

      This weekend Pam and I are leaving on Saturday morning and heading to Ontrario, where we should meet up with a couple other TrackChasers along the way. As usual, I'm looking forward to it.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2012 Summary

      2012 Events--Guy 27 / Pam 9
      2012 New Tracks--Guy 13 / Pam 8
      2012 Total Tracks--Guy 27 / Pam 9
      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,431 / Pam 795

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