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TrackChaser 2012 Week 18 Summary

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    TrackChasers: (Weekly Listserve Update #71). During the 18th week of the year, nine tracks were added for seven different TrackChasers, and one track was
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      (Weekly Listserve Update #71). During the 18th week of the year, nine tracks were added for seven different TrackChasers, and one track was deleted from the datebase. The group added a new TrackChaser to the list of 2012 participants, added one new country to our list for 2012, and also added one new US state.

      Races were added on four of the seven days this week, as Roland Vanden Eynde got the TrackChasing week off to an early start with a race in France.

      Roger Ferrell visited the new dirt oval inside the paved oval at Plymouth, IN; and became the 24th group member to report a new track in 2012.

      Chris Tyrrel went on a race trip to Vermont, and that became the 22nd different US state visited by the group for new tracks this year.

      Rick Young returned to his racing roots and added one new track while visiting his home country, bringing the group's country total this year to 12.

      Mike Knappenberger added to his impressive tally of 26 tracks already this year, with a new track in Quebec bringing his total to 27. While adding "Notes" to all of Mike's over 850 tracks this week, it was discovered that he had one track on his track list twice; once from 2006 and once from 2009. The latter record was completely removed from his track list and the database.

      Our group reported tracks in four different countries during this past week. I'm perpetually in awe of what we as a group do in pursuit of the hobby.

      Anyone who wants to * add dates to their listed tracks, * change or complete track namesthat appear on their track list, * add information to their personal"Notes" column for each track, * add tracks in either or both of the non TC group categories, * orrequest any other changes to their track lists are encouraged to do soat any time and if possible, the changes will be made in the order theyaresubmitted.

      There have been 132 new tracks reported so far in 2012. That's not enough, we want more. Mike Knappenberger paces the field with 27.

      2012 WEEK 1-17 ADDITIONS (JANUARY 1 - APRIL 29)


      2012 WEEK 18 (APRIL 30 - MAY 6)

      Tuesday, May 1

      Roland Vanden Eynde--Circuit Nevers Magny Cours (Club Track), FRA

      Friday, May 4

      Brian Hickey--El Paso Speedway Park, TX

      Saturday, May 5

      Roger Ferrell--Plymounth Speedway (Dirt), IN
      Brian Hickey--Thunderhill Speedway, TX
      Mike Knappenberger--Festival de l'Erable de Plessisville, QC, CAN
      Guy Smith--Festival de l'Erable de Plessisville, QC, CAN
      Chris Tyrrel--Bear Ridge Speedway, VT

      Sunday, May 6

      Chris Tyrrell--Devil's Bowl Speedway, VT
      Rick Young--Aldershot Raceway, ENG, GBR

      2012 SUMMARY

      Total New Track Visits Reported--132

      Number of TrackChasers Reporting New Tracks This Year--24

      US States Visited for New Tracks--22 (AL, AZ, FL, GA, IA, IN, KY, MI, MN, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, VT, WI)

      Canadian Provinces Visited for New Tracks--2 (ON, QC)

      Countries Visited for New Tracks--12 (AUS, BEL BHR, CAN, DEU, ESP, FRA, GBR, ITA, NLD, SWE, USA)

      Lifetime Group Total of Reported TrackChaser New Track Visits--34,210


      The 2012 TrackChasing season is dedicated to the memory of Edward Jonathan Esser.

      All TrackChaser statistics are available at any time on www.roamingtheraceways.com;Please report your new tracks in as timely a manner as possible so thatall can enjoy and celebrate the travels of others. Thanks for thegreat participation, support, and ideas. Continue to submit your ideas for changes or improvements to my site.

      Guy Smith

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