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2012 TrackChaser Report #6--Lake Algonquin, NY

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    TrackChasers: On Sunday afternoon, Pam, Mike, and I headed to New York to get in one final ice race of the season. The warm weather in the northeast really
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      On Sunday afternoon, Pam, Mike, and I headed to New York to get in one final ice race of the season. The warm weather in the northeast really crushed the ice racing season this year. My count for the winter was just three ice races, and only one of those was a new location for me. Canceled were Mayfield Lake, Yamachiche, and ICAR; all of which would have been new places for me. Also missed were Point-du-Lac, Borderline, and Can-Am (not an ice/frozen race) that also would have been new. In addition, Lake George, which we planned to go to was canceled, and Black Rock which we also planned to go to was held on the one and only day so far this winter that we got significant snow at home which prevented us from going. And we canceled plans to go to Beauharnois when the ICAR race was canceled, then Beauharnois canceled as well anyway. Oh well, there's always next winter. We did manage to make it to Caroga Lake, Capital City Speedway, and Lake Algonquin.

      Our plan for the first half of the year is no plane flights between Christmas and Memorial Day. I'm now exactly 100 months from my full retirement date, but we owe more months than that on the mortgage. My plan is to get those two month counts equal or the months owed on the house to be the lower of the two numbers. The fact that for the first two months of the year Pam and I have not spent a single night in a hotel together has also helped the cause. As this weekend had two day-trip races, once again the hotel money was saved.

      After Gordy declined Mike's invitation to join him at Lake Algonquin, Mike came up to our house on Saturday after Lincoln was over and spent the night in the guest room. We were up early on Sunday morning and hit the road to Lake Algonquin. We had left a half hour early so that we could go to Cindy's Diner in the town of Wells, where the race was located. Cindy's was where the racers registered in the morning, so we wanted to support the diner. We made sure to tell Cindy that we were in town for the ice races.

      After an excellent diner-type breakfast, we headed down to the lake. This was not my first time at this lake, as Will White and I were there in 2000. When Will and I were there, we were on the complete opposite side of the lake, watching from the land. Today we were down on the ice in the AMEC pits. It was a heck of a lot warmer on the ice than it was in the stands at Lincoln.

      Just like our trip to Caroga Lake a few weeks back, we timed it nearly perfectly. We parked on the ice just as the last of the warmup periods was pulling out on the track. This was a typical AMEC show, with about 40 cars in total broken into three racing groups, with several classes competing within each group. The one suprising fact was that the Supermodified class, the fastest cars on ice, was down to only three entries. This is the lowest count I have ever seen in well over a dozen AMEC shows. They didn't race alone though, as there were 15 cars grouped together in that set of races (Two heats and a feature) which were for the Menard cars. The largest class as usual was Street Legal, with 17 cars in two classes.

      Altogether there were six races today. It would prove to be the last event of the year for AMEC, as they have pulled the plug on this week's finale. They ended the season with six events: two each at Racquette Pond, Caroga Lake, and Lake Algonquin. They had to cancel five other times. Much better than the other two NY clubs: CNYIRA only ran the lone Euro Rallycross race at Black Rock, and FLIR didn't race at all.

      Pam, Mike, and I enjoy the day trips together and always seem to have a good time. Today was no exception.

      Looks like Pam and I will finally go on an overnight trip this weekend, at least for one night, as we head to the midwest to meet up with fellow TrackChaser Norm Wagner. I'm looking forward to seeing our friend Norm.

      Guy & Pam Smith 2012 Summary

      2012 Events--Guy 6 / Pam 2
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      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,421 / Pam 789

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