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#1426 Circle M Ranch, Pelzer, SC

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    Hi All, Saturday was the second annual Indoor Thunder Race at the Circle M Ranch in Pelzer South Carolina. After driving all day Friday I pulled into the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2012
      Hi All,
      Saturday was the second annual Indoor Thunder Race at the Circle M Ranch
      in Pelzer South Carolina. After driving all day Friday I pulled into the
      Circle M Ranch at 11:30AM on Saturday and practice was already under way.
      The track is constructed in the large indoor rodeo arena as they brought
      in good red clay and slightly banked then well watered the track. The
      track is only about 1/10-mile and is a paper clip shape and not too wide.
      They put boards in front of the rodeo metal fencing and then hay and tires
      to form the outside walls then placed the steel discs and some cones to
      mark the inside. The straightaway stands are 11 rows of comfortable cloth
      padded folding chairs with some additional seating in wooden folding seats
      above the third and fourth turn. The view from the straightaway seats was
      hampered some by the support beams for the ceiling and the wooden flag
      stand. Qualifying started at 1PM for 187 karts in 19 classes with 15-lap
      features starting at 4PM. The two big money races were extended to 25-laps
      and all races started straight up by time in single file formation. At the
      driver’s meeting it was explained that lapped karts would get the black
      flag and should exit the track as traffic could get heavy on the short
      track. Clone medium (23 karts) and pro clone (23 karts) were the biggest
      classes and 12 champ heavy and 13 pro champs were the two countable
      classes for track chasing. The first 5 races were won by the fast
      qualifier and the clone medium race was the only one to have a yellow (5).
      The final yellow was on the last lap and Jason Scruggs lost the lead to
      Disco Donnie Nall but the scoring reverted to the white flag giving
      Scruggs the win. The blue lite had only 4 karts but they exchanged the
      lead 4 times with Colby Horner winning over Cruise Caudell. The yellows
      became more frequent with some bump and run passing and a 3 wide finish in
      the gold heavy with Nick Long taking his second win of the day. Colby
      Horner won the junior sportsmen champs then the 12 senior champ heavy
      karts took to the track for 15 laps. After a spin on the first lap they
      ran all green with second fastest timer Disco Donnie first to the checkers
      followed by Donnie Bryant and Shay Chavous. Nall also won the stock heavy
      feature from the pole in a non-stop race. The competitive edge class
      started 12 karts and failed to complete a lap in 5 attempts so a red was
      thrown and all drivers went to a special meeting with the flagman. They
      then restated and went all green with third starter Wes Suddeth the
      winner. The pro champ race was the 17th feature of the day with $1000
      going to the winner and Bryant again on the pole with fast time. There
      were two spins in the first three laps then they settled down to some fast
      racing. Nall started second and got by Bryant with seventh starter Jason
      Moates coming home third at the finish. However an illegal carburetor
      screw had Nall disqualified for the two champ kart races so Donnie Bryant
      was a double winner. The last race of the day was the $2000 to win pro
      clone race and Nall started in front and led until Justin McDonald took
      over on the 4th lap. Nall got back under McDonald about the 18th lap and
      held the lead to take the big money with Scruggs coming home third. Racing
      was done at 7:50PM and I got a good start on the drive home before getting
      some sleep.

      #1426 1/28/12 Circle M Ranch - Pelzer, SC - 1/10 dirt - Champ Karts

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