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Guy Smith 2011 TrackChaser Report #7--Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

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    TrackChasers: This past weekend Pam and I left the new track trail for a race event we have been to many times. I m still a race fan. Late Friday morning we
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      This past weekend Pam and I left the new track trail for a race event we have been to many times. I'm still a race fan. Late Friday morning we headed south to Atlantic City. It was nice going through Philadelphia during the day, and not during the Friday evening rush hour as usual. We arrived in mid afternoon, and immediately after checking into the Best Western two blocks off the boardwalk, we went for an hour long walk on the boardwalk, stopping along the way to pick up our press credentials so we could arrive right at starting time and be able to slide right in with no hassle. It snowed lightly the entire timed we were walking, but there was little more than a slushy half inch or so on the ground. Nothing like last year, that's for sure.

      When in AC for this event, we always go to the Virginia City Buffet at the Wild Wild West, part of Bally's, for dinner. We have always loved it. In reading the reviews of the various AC casino buffets online, it seemed like this one was only a "mid pack" buffet, so since we had two nights this year we decided to try a different one. We decided on Trump Taj Mahal which had basically good reviews, but after walking down there we found it closed. We ended up going to Resorts, which was the next closest one, and were disappointed. It was OK, but not nearly as good as Virginia City.

      We arrived at the races right at the 8:00 starting time. There was a small to fair crowd on hand, typical for the Friday show. This year they split the TQ Midgets and the dirt Micro Sprints. There were a ton of cars, way over 200 in the four classes. Even with splitting off the dirt Micros from the TQ's, there were still over 70 TQ's entered. The Slingshots and Champ Karts did not have feature events on Friday, the TQ Midgets and the Micro Sprints did. They started exactly on time. The card consisted of 14 races, and they proceeded from start to finish without delay, except to introduce the starting lineups for the two features. The Micro Sprint main was first, and was good high contact indoor racing: Too many yellows (8) but the winner came from the fifth row. The TQ main was a real slugfest. They started 24 cars for 30 laps. Only four cars finished, with Timmy Buckwalter taking the win. He also came from the fifth row. The show was tight, starting at 8:00 and finishing in three hours right at 11:00. As we walk to and from the races each night to save the $20 parking fee at Boardwalk Hall, we strolled back down the boardwalk to our hotel, arriving about 11:25. Another great day for Pam and I on the road and at the races.

      Guy Smith

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