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G. Smith 2011 TrackChaser Report #1--Cochran Speedway, Cochran, GA USA

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    TrackChasers: For 2011, I am adopting the Ed Esser format for race reports, one race per post. This differs from my previous method of one post for each week
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2011
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      For 2011, I am adopting the Ed Esser format for race reports, one race per post. This differs from my previous method of one post for each week of racing, no matter how many races or tracks I went to. I am hopeful this will keep my posts shorter in length.

      The 2011 season for Pam and myself got underway on the first day of the year. We spent the New Year's Eve at the "Beach Blast" at the ocean in Saint Augustine, FL; feasting on crab soup, lobster fritters, and jambalaya. We like the family oriented New Year's Eve events, having previously tried Atlanta, Charlotte, Tucson, and others.

      On New Year's Day we headed north to Cochran Speedway. Hot laps was scheduled for noon, with racing at 1:00. The website said they were going to try to get things moving this season and stick to a schedule. Unfortunately, it was not the advertised schedule. We arrived at 12:40 and they hadn't even run in the track yet. Admission was $15. The announcer cheerily blathered on about what a great day it was for racing, failing to note that rain was predicted for later that afternoon. In the age of iPhones, it's getting harder to convincingly lie to the customers but they did their best as ever during the prayer the pastor also mentioned the great day for racing.

      Cochran is a nice dirt track, and seemed to have a real nice surface. The facilities are on the run down side. A fairly small crowd was on hand, but it wasn't awful.

      The cars were called out to run in the track, then each of the six classes got a short warmup. By this time the iPhone was showing the green (rain) closing in from three directions. At 2:15, they were ready to begin and the show started with two Cadet heats. The second class was the Crate Late Models, and they time trialed rather than run heats. Next were the Late Models, who also time trialed. In the middle of the Late Model time trials the rain arrived, but only lasted a short time. We headed to the car to wait it out.

      After a delay to run in the track again, they announced they were going to run the heats for the Pure Stocks, then resume the Late Model time trials. I looked at the iPhone, and saw rain all around and this time it would not be quickly stopping. Nevertheless, I headed back in and watched the two Pure Stock heats. The Late Model time trials resumed and for the second time were halted by rain. The rest of the show was eventually postponed until this coming Saturday.

      I was not impressed with the 75 minute late start, nor with management seemingly being oblivious to the impending rain. We were very lucky to see the four races we did. Although I didn't get to see much racing at Cochran, and I liked the track itself, I'm not enthusiastic about returning due to the way the show was run.

      With the early exit, we headed to Atlanta for some barbeque for dinner.

      Guy Smith 2011 tracks--1. Guy Smith total tracks--1,337
      Pam Smith 2011 tracks--1. Pam Smith total tracks--712

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