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I-30 Speedway, Little Rock, AR

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    Hi All, Thursday I was on the road again with a stop at the I-30 Speedway in Little Rock Arkansas for a look at the first night of the Short Track Nationals on
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      Hi All,
      Thursday I was on the road again with a stop at the I-30 Speedway in
      Little Rock Arkansas for a look at the first night of the Short Track
      Nationals on the high banked quarter mile dirt oval. This track is one of
      those you must see sometime and there was a large crowd on hand tonight to
      watch half of the field of ASCS sprints (55 cars) race. The track was very
      wet to start the night as hot laps started at 6:50PM. The track is banked
      with a concrete wall only along the front straight and steep banks to run
      off around the rest of the track before you hit tires and fencing well
      back from the speedway. The inside of the track is marked with huge tires
      that are embedded in the dirt and a few more big ones lying along the
      inside. Viewing is done from a big 22 row wooden grandstand and they have
      excellent speakers for the good announcers and bright lights. The race
      format would be for 7 heats started at 8PM and then 5 qualifiers where the
      high point cars from the series of heats are inverted six deep to earn the
      20 feature starting spots. Jonathan Beason, Sammy Swindell, Mike Hess,
      Darren Stewart, Brady Bacon and Kyle Hirst won the 10 lap heats all from
      the front except for Bacon who started 4th. Sean McClelland got caught up
      in an aborted start of the second heat and hit the wall hard and flipped
      ending his weekend early. Bacon was high point earner (includes passing
      points) of the heats and got the 6th starting spot in the first 12-lap
      qualifier race, Wayne Johnson was second highest point earner with a
      second to Bacon in the heat from 6th and therefore got 6th starting spot
      in the second qualifier and so on. Bacon charged from 6th to win the first
      qualifier and Johnson won the second one to set theses two on the front
      row of the feature. Jonathan Cornell from 3rd, Tony Bruce JR from 2nd and
      Jerrod Hull from the pole won the other qualifiers. Hess, Beason and
      Brandon Berryman were eliminated from the first qualifier when a tangle
      knocked the front wheel off Berryman and saw Hess run over the loose wheel
      and go over the bank into the tire wall. The track was somewhat dusty by
      feature time with the rubber showing on the track surface but the first
      and second turns still having a big heavy cushion. They ran off 7 laps of
      the 20-car 25-lap feature before a 3-car tangle and then 3 more laps
      before David Gravel was sent over the bank. The last 15 laps went all
      green with early leader Bacon sliding back as Sam Hafertepe came from 4th
      to capture the lead and Sammy Swindell coming from third to apply the
      pressure. Swindell got his car to run fast in the center of the rubber in
      the turns and finally got around Hafertepe as the leaders caught lapped
      cars with two laps remaining. Swindell got the lead in the first turn but
      Hafertepe got back underneath Swindell entering the third turn and
      Hafertepe held on to win a close race over Swindell. Greg Wilson started
      8th and got by Bacon to claim the other transfer spot to Saturday nightÂ’s
      feature. The racing was completed before 11PM and I was on my way further
      south after a short trip through the pits.
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