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2010 Week 44

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    TrackChasers: Before this weekend I called Mike and asked him what was the play call for the weekend. Of course Bomb replied Go Long! We had three options.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2010

      Before this weekend I called Mike and asked him what was the play call for the weekend. Of course Bomb replied "Go Long!"

      We had three options. There was the Michigan/Ohio option where we could get three new tracks, but two were outside my HitList. There was the North Carolina/Georgia option that would give us two tracks. And there was the New Hampshire option that would be just a day trip for just one track. Bomber called the latter option "insane".

      So after Friday night football with Pam and her brother, it was off to Mike's house on Saturday morning. But wait! I came down with a cold that left me quite listless. I told Bomb I wasn't going to be much good for driving on Saturday. "You're never much good" he said. "Just get yourself to my house and let me do the rest". That is what I did.

      On the way down we conference called with Ed Esser who was in Texas. We are working out final details of the merger of the East Coast and Midwest conspiracy groups, which will form the largeest conspiracy in the history of TrackChasing. It's so big, we may run afoul of US Anti-Trust statutes.

      In mid afternoon, we arrived at Uwharrie Adventures in Troy, NC for their 5:00 Figure-8 race, the first ever in Montgomery County. This track was another discovery by Roger "The Fisherman" Ferrell. They had a big Figure-8 track set up, and the nicest thing was that instead of being held in a rectangle, they rounded the corners to make a very wide and racy oval. One good thing about the NC Figure-8 races is that they have both V8 big cars as well as the compacts. Admission was $12 and a fair crowd was on hand. The event was very unorganized, starting an hour and ten minutes late. There were 12 big cars and 10 small cars. Each ran two heats, a consie, and a feature. It got quite cold after dark. After the F8 races, they had a full demo derby show to go. Not for us.

      Sunday morning we headed to Savannah for the HSR Vintage races on Hutchinson Island. There we met up with Birthday Boy Bruce Spencer from New England. I was surprised that the track was not a temporary street course, but a permanant road course. Other than the historic racing held her for the past two or three years, the only other race was an Indy Lights race in 1997 won by future Indy 500 champion Helio Castronieves. Because Mike had to be at work at 5:15 on Monday, we could only stay for the morning session. Admission was $25 plus $10 to park. The track was nicer than I thought, and there were some fantastic historic race cars on hand. Unfortunately, there were not nearly as many cars as I thought there was going to be. The three of us thought the morning session had four car races (plus motorcycles). Again unfortunately, there were only two. I didn't get to see as much racing as I would have liked on the beautiful Georgia day, but after the second race there was a break of two hour and 45 minutes before the next actual car race. Reluctantly, we headed for home and I rolled into the garage at about 11:30 that night.

      The race Saturday was my 73rd new track of the year, a NPR for me. Sunday was my 74th, which topped Pam's 73 last year for a new family record. It was also my 100th event of the year. I just wanted to prove to myself I could fairly easily do it if I wanted to, next year I plan to return much closer to my 50 track average.

      No races at all this coming weekend, we are planning on high school football with Pam's brother again on Friday night, and then on Saturday we are headed to see the Penn State vs. Northwestern football game, again with Pam's bro. Coach Paterno will be going for his 400th win (never done in D1 college), while the Northwestern QB is Dan Persa, who went to high school in the district where I work and who I watched play many times during his HS career. This will be his first game in PA in almost four years. I'm really looking forward to that. Bomb and Gordy are Philadelphia bound for the Flyers game on Thursday, while Mike returns Sunday for the Eagles game. The race season is winding down.

      Hope everyone had a good weekend, whatever race or nonrace activities you chose.

      Guy Smith

      2010 Summary

      Weeks Racing--42 of 44
      Weeks with New Tracks--34 + 2 (new for Pam only) = 36
      New Tracks Guy--74
      New Tracks Pam--60
      Total Tracks--109
      Total Facilities/Total Events--100
      Total States/Provinces--19 (AZ, MI, NJ, NY, QC, FL, PA, OH, IN, GA, NC, SC, NH, CT, ON, VT, ME, VA, IL)
      Countries--7 (USA, CAN, DNK, DEU, SWE, NLD, BEL)

      Guy Total Lifetime Tracks--1,323
      Pam Total Lifetime Tracks--703

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