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#1321 Chippewa County Fair, Kinross, MI

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  • ejesser@jvlnet.com
    Hi All, Tuesday I was back on the road across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I arrived at the Chippewa County Fair in Kinross Michigan about 6PM for the 8PM
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010
      Hi All,
      Tuesday I was back on the road across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I
      arrived at the Chippewa County Fair in Kinross Michigan about 6PM for the
      8PM start of the USA promoted enduro (Guy, that means a figure eight) and
      demo derby. After paying $4 to park I walked through the old but nice
      fairgrounds and found that they have a big number of campers here for the
      week. The pits only had three trucks and a couple of cars but soon after I
      saw three more cars arrive. The old 15 row covered wooden grandstand was
      already half full an hour before race time and I took a seat to get out of
      the light sprinkle that had started. The fairground has an old half-mile
      dirt oval but the weekly racing here is on a quarter mile asphalt oval
      built entirely in the half-mile infield. Tonight the racing would take
      place on a temporary track built on the straightaway of the dirt oval in
      front of the grandstand. The long rectangle used the permanent Armco wall
      in front of the stands then had the other three sides formed with Jersey
      barriers. In the center of the rectangle they ran a strip of 11 concrete
      barriers and then set two barriers with a tire on top toward one end to
      loop around and crossover and thus make a figure eight track. They also
      placed a dirt jump on one of the straight-aways. They announced that this
      was a first time event and thus drew a small field as the drivers see what
      it was about. Tonight they had 10 of the small cars (4 or 6 cylinder cars
      eligible), 3 vans (will be in demo tomorrow night) and 4 pickups for the
      demo tonight. Pre race activities started at 7:30PM with the anthems and
      introductions of the fair queen and her court and at 8PM they had the
      pretty car contest voting. About 8:15PM the racing began with two 12-lap
      heats and then a last chance race transferring 2 cars each to the 20-lap
      feature. The three mini vans ran a 12-lap feature that was an extra event
      just to try it out. The six car feature started out fast with the drivers
      now used to the course and with the money on the line there was more
      pushing and some extra hitting through the “X”. There were two reds during
      the feature to remove bumpers from the track. Eldon Ship had taken the
      lead from the back as a few cars suffered flat tires and slowed. Larry
      Miller started from the pole but kept from the crashes and after the half
      way mark was the only car that had all 4 tires inflated so as they
      completed the 17th lap Miller took the lead and won over Ship as only 3
      cars were running at the end. The race was done at 9:30 and at 9:37 it
      rained for about 5 minutes. The demo was the final event of the night and
      after one truck took out a speaker pole from along the Armco wall the last
      two trucks running hit one another and neither could move. They were
      pulled apart to see who could get another hit in and neither could move so
      the demo was a tie and Brian Horn and Chris Cornell flipped a coin for the

      #1321 8/31/10 Chippewa County Fair - Kinross, MI - 1/12 dirt figure eight
      - stocks

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