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  • rpmgordy
    Greetings from your breadman, I thought I d tell you what I recently learned about Neupert Raceway Park. Guy recently reported that they hadn t responded to an
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      Greetings from your breadman,

      I thought I'd tell you what I recently learned about Neupert Raceway Park. Guy recently reported that they hadn't responded to an opening date query. I saw one today that said 2011. That's all it said. I also have been told that they haven't even received permission from the local politicians to build the place. Guy's fears that this will become just another unfounded rumor deal is probably true. It might still happen, but history is full of these scenarios.

      I nother news, anyone that was considering going to Clay City Speedway in KY on Easter Sunday can nix those plans. It's not the first track to schedule a race on Easter and then second guess themselves. It appears they will run every Sunday thereafter. I may have been the one to cause the cancellation as I sent them an email asking if they were really racing on Easter. They never responded personally, but have since cancelled the show.

      I want to make it known that the man in charge at The Mountain Speedway in TN answered my email question within a minute after receiving it last Thursday evening at 11:45pm. Such a prompt response will ensure that I visit that track as soon as I can fit it in. So many emails go unanswered these days. Yet promoters continue to wonder why their seats aren't filled.

      I haven't ruled out Nashville Super Speedway on Saturday, but it's not looking good at the moment. I may have to put GA (Gordon Park)on my mind. It appears there is not even 1 track that both Mike and I need in the Carolinas that is running Saturday. Lernerville still hasn't been ruled out for tomorrow, though what I learned about that place today leaves a bad taste in my mouth, yet can not be repeated here.

      I know Guy was thinking of heading west tomorrow to Lakeville, OH. Attica and Eldora are both running with the latter having USAC. A 12:40 doctor's appointment will keep from going that far, but he could do worse. Was Lakeville the choice because Pam needs it? Enjoy your holiday weekend. YFBAR

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