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Re: [TrackChasers] #1266 Hickory Motor Speedway, Hickory, NC

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  • RPMGORDY@aol.com
    Ed, I stopped at Hickory in March of 75 on my way back from my first trip to FL. Harry Gant won that night over LD Ottinger, Sam Ard, Robert Pressley, Butch
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 1, 2010

      I stopped at Hickory in March of '75 on my way back from my first
      trip to FL. Harry Gant won that night over LD Ottinger, Sam Ard, Robert
      Pressley, Butch Lindley, Tommie Ellis, Sonny Hutchens and a host of others in the
      then sportsman class. Good stuff.

      Sorry We missed you at Kingsport. I really torqued up my sore knee
      and was too hobbled to looked around for others. As cold as the wind was, I
      doubt we'd have been able to spot you among all the bundled up from the top

      By the by, the night before I was at Hickory I attended the defunct
      Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa where wingless sprints were the weekly
      attraction. More good stuff. I needed the ad from Speed Sport to find the place as
      there was no internet or NSD to guide me. Adios.


      In a message dated 3/31/2010 11:45:39 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      ejesser@... writes:

      Hi All,
      Thursday I was already on the road for a big weekend of racing. The USAC
      midgets were appearing on Wednesday and Thursday night at the Hickory
      Motor Speedway and I had been here many years ago only to get rained out.
      I drove through light rain today but it was cloudy and dry when I arrived
      in Hickory North Carolina for tonight’s races. I arrived at 5PM and gates
      were just opening and warm ups were starting. The track is listed as a
      .363 mile asphalt oval and has concrete walls inside and outside of the
      banked track. This is a very old facility that has been maintained and has
      very good lights and good speakers along with some new paint and trimmed
      bushes along the paved parking lot road. They drew a good car count with
      24 national midgets, 19 Ford Focus Midgets and 3 young guns (restricted
      Focus class for 12-14 year olds). There is a lot of history at this track
      and I sat in the 15-row bleachers of the Harry Gant Grandstand. There are
      also 14 rows of concrete steps below the bleacher level outside the
      straightaway and 4th turn of the track. They did park the haulers in the
      infield and a few were in the turns so that hampered the visibility of the
      bottom of the turns. They ran two sets of practice for each group then
      qualified at about 6:15PM. Shane Hmiel set a new track record at 14.018
      seconds for the national midgets and Bradley Reithmeyer was fast timer for
      the Focus at 14.912. They had the opening ceremonies at 7:15PM and then
      ran the 12-lap feature for the young guns while the Focus cars were being
      lined up. Cody Acton started on the pole and led the entire non-stop race.
      Mike Ward, Justin Hommel and Jake Blackhurst won the heats for the Focus
      class all from a front row starting spot. The national midgets inverted
      all 8 in each of three heats and Shane Hmiel was the crowd pleaser with
      outside passes in the first heat as he used the top groove to win from the
      last starting spot. Bobby Santos had a poor time but won the second heat
      from the pole while Brad Kuhn took second from the back. As the third heat
      was lining up the first shower hit the track. The light rain stopped and
      they dried the track only to have another shower hit as they were ready to
      push off again. The track was real wet and more rain was predicted so they
      canceled the races after a short delay and refunded the admission charges.
      This created a unique situation in that I had seen a feature, seen
      countable racing for track chasing purposes and got my money back!

      #1266 3/25/10 Hickory Motor Speedway - Hickory, NC - .363 paved - USAC



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