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2009 Week 48

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    TrackChasers: Since I had off both Friday and Monday this week, I wanted to try to go somewhere to get a new track. The original plan was for Mike and I to go
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2009

      Since I had off both Friday and Monday this week, I wanted to try to go somewhere to get a new track. The original plan was for Mike and I to go to Georgia to GKK and Cordele, then when Cordele canceled the plan was GKK and Cochran. But when I found out Walkill, NY was running Friday, that became my priority. Then Walkill switched to Sunday, and we got the idea to drive all the way to Georgia on Friday just for GKK, drive all the way home Saturday, then go to Walkill on Sunday.

      That may seem crazy to some, but with having the two days off on either end of the weekend it was a piece of cake. It was so easy, that I even managed to add two high school football games to the weekend as well. And I saw every countable race at both tracks and every play at both games. I can't imagine how easy this is going to be when I'm retired and not only have Friday and Monday off but Tuesday-Thursday in between to rest up. I might have to give up TrackChasing to find a more challenging hobby. This might be too easy.

      After football Thursday morning and Thanksgiving dinner at mom's, I was up at 2:00 on Friday morning and on the road by 3:00. Mike and I met at Paul Weisel's house for the drive to Georgia. Just 11.5 hours later, we were pulling into the pits at GKK, where they were qualifying the 16th of 20 classes. Two consies were run, plus 12 flat kart features before the 19-car Senior Champ main that paid $500 to win. One of the classes on Saturday paid an amazing $10,000.00 to win. My fourth visit to GKK was finally the charm for me. The Champs ended at 8:00, too late for Paul's hoped-for double run to Cochran.

      Saturday we were on the road early and heading for home. Pam called and said she was thinking of going to the Easton football game, and I calculated that if we didn't stop, I could meet her there. I did and the Red Rovers upped their record for the year to 13-1, winning their third in eight days.

      Sunday Pam and I made the trip To Walkill. It was a beautiful late November day and no less than seven TrackChasers and friends were on hand. Besides Pam and I, there was Mike K., Paul and Eleanor Weidman, John Osowski (and his wife), and another TrackChaser who bears a slight resemblance to Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg. Will and Edward were possibilities but were no shows, and I thought P. J. would be there too but he was not. I'm sure if they did not have prior commitments, Bruce and Pat Eckel would have joined us as well.

      The car count was down due to some teams tearing their Slingshots apart to prep for Atlantic City, and also several drivers were off hunting. There were still seven Slingshots to race on the 1/9th mile dirt oval, although only six actually competed. They also had two 600cc Micros and two flat karts there to practice. The races started pretty much on time at 1:00, and they ran two heats for all the Slingshots, and a 50 lap feature. It was over around 2:30. The plan for next year is to build a bigger track while keeping the existing one, add a refreshment stand, and add some bleacher seating. The eight of us took over a picnic table placed on the hill above turns three and four and had a nice afternoon shooting the bull. I love it when a group of TrackChaser friends get together for a fun afternoon at the races. It was especially good to see the Weidman's back at the track after Paul being sick this year. This was their first new track of 2009.

      For me, it was my last new track of 2009. Although Mike dangled new track carrots in front of me for the first three weeks of December, I'm more than satisfied with my year and plan only a return to Providence this weekend for this month. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine, as everything worked out according to plan, and I have much to be thankful for. After his debacle in August, I sure hope everything worked out well for Roland in Florida (let us know Ed).

      Guy Smith

      2009 Summary

      Weeks Racing--47 of 48
      Weeks With New Tracks--40
      New Tracks--62
      Total Tracks--93
      Race Events--89
      Trips Via Air--2

      Total Lifetime Tracks--1,249

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