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May Tracks #643-654

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  • andy sivi
    Hello Everyone The first weekend of May was a small track weekend. Friday, May 5th I went to (#643) Selingsgrove Speedway, PA (1/5 mile). I was not thrilled
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2001
      Hello Everyone
      The first weekend of May was a small track weekend.
      Friday, May 5th I went to (#643) Selingsgrove Speedway, PA (1/5 mile). I was not thrilled that the micro sprints took their hot laps after all the kart heats and had their heats after the first 6 kart features. The micro sprint features took place after the final, of 11, kart features. The final checkered flag fell at 11:25.
      Saturday I started with a daytime show at (#644) Flemington Speedway, NJ (1/5 mile paved) in the infield of the closed 5/8 mile track. The races were for the champ karts and the micro stocks. That evening I took in the races at (#645) Snydersville Speedway, PA for the same two classes, plus numerous kart classes.
      Sunday afternoon I was at (#646) Glad Rag Raceway, Saratoga Springs, NY to watch ten 4 cylinders race. Actual racing took 9 minutes for the two heats, 6 minutes for the consolation race and 6 minutes for the caution-free feature. The show started at 12:54 and was over at 2:20. I am so glad that I never saw this track when it was dirt. One trip to this "behind-the-bar" track is more than enough.
      Sunday evening I saw slingshots race at (#647) New Utica Rome Speedway (1/5 mile), Vernon, PA. It was opening night and there were a good crowd and car count for the 1/2 mile, but only 8 slingshots.
      Hopefully, I got all my small tracks out of the way for quite sometime.
      The second weekend of May was a figure 8 weekend.
      On Saturday, May 12th I was at (#648) Sprtsdrome Speedway, Jeffersonville, IN for
      a 100 lap street stock figure 8 feature. There was also figure 8 racing for the Dromes and also 3 other divisions on the oval.
      Sunday afternoon I was at (#649) Kentucky Motor Speedway, Whitesville, KY for the figure 8 division. There were 3 divisions that were running the oval and 2 divisions that were running what I all "near figure 8s". For the classes of 2-man cruisers and the 4 cylinders there was a string of tires placed at the X so the race course was an oval with 2 sharp dog legs. The cars never crossed paths, but made a hard rights at the X. During the figure 8 feature a couple of drivers decided to have their own personal demolition derby. Figure 8 racing resumed after one of the drivers was taken away in handcuffs by sheriff deputies.
      The third weekend of May was Victoria Day weekend in Canada and I spent it seeing races at 5 new tracks in the Province of Ontario.
      Saturday, May 19th I saw sports cars race at (#650) Mosport International Raceway (road course) in the afternoon and modifieds at (#651) Mosport International Raceway (oval) in the evening. The 3 division evening show, starting at 6:40, was quick enough that I was able to make it to (#652) Peterborough Speedway to see the final feature of the night; the Can-Am TQ Midgets.
      Sunday I started out at (#653) Barrie Speedway, seeing the sportsmen stock cars race and ended the evening at (#654) Sunset Speedway. For the second night in a row I saw the Can-Am TQ Midgets feature. They were just about to start their feature, after a lengthy delay for the pole sitter losing a wheel on the pace lap, when I got there.
      Over Memorial Day weekend I saw all my racing on TV. My primary destination of the Midwest seemed to be covered with green on the Westher Channel. I used the weekend to catchup at work and household chores so that I could get away early this weekend, Concerning this weekend, I hate Weather Channel Green.
      Until next time,
      Andy Sivi
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