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Will's TrackChaser Website

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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1 6:31 AM
      <<Allan Brown Wrote: Guy, I thought we already went through this two years ago. Will has agreed to keep our lists on his website. We are indebted to his generosity. He has no authority to make any decisions, yet you continue to put him in a position he said he didn't want to be in, by continuing to ask him to decide on delicate issues. It seems like he keeps getting caught up in the middle. It's not fair to put this much burden on him. Why don't you just let him run the website, and ask someone else to make the decisions? Or better yet, let's form a committee.>>


      I understand what you said about Will not having any express written authority to make binding TrackChaser decisions.

      However, his TrackChaser website is the only public place where one can go to see multiple TrackChaser lists. Since Gordy is the one that publicly brought up the issue of the concession ride races being used to add retroactive tracks, on the group listserve, it is clear that it was he, not me, that initially was seeking some sort of ruling.? If Gordy were deciding to count concession rides to retroactively add tracks to his personal or a private list, he would have just done so.? It was Gordy that specifically mentioned Will and his ruling in his post. Yet somehow you ascribed all of that to me?

      I think Will has made it clear that he intends to retain autonomy over his own website. I was only defending his right to do so. I do not think he would agree to your idea to let someone else make decision that he has to follow, either an individual or by committee, although that is just my take on things. I hope that if by trying to defend Will's right to control the content of his site, I am mistating his feelings or putting him in an unfair position as you say, he will make that clear to me. I am fine with Will making the decisions, a committee, or whatever. I just want to play by the rules, help foster the sharing of information, and have a good time.

      Will does indeed provide a great service for us. The time he puts into his site, his fairness, and his knowledge of on-line database programming would be hard to replace. In exchange for that tremendous service, I believe a majority of the listed TrackChasers have agreed to abide by his rulings (a gentleperson's agreement), even without him having any express written authority to make them. Count me among them. If there are people that want to try to devise a better system, feel free to discuss it here. I just don't see anything better developing than what we have now, although that is just my opinion.

      Guy Smith

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