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Mississippi Motorsports Park, Long Beach, MS - Track #473

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  • Randy Lewis
    Greetings from on the way to Gulfport, Mississippi, Today’s racetrack will be the Mississippi Motorsports Park in Long Beach, Mississippi
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2001
      Greetings from on the way to Gulfport, Mississippi,

      Today�s racetrack will be the Mississippi Motorsports
      Park in Long Beach, Mississippi
      (http://www.msmotorsportspark.com/). This track
      replaces the Queen City Speedway in Meridian, which
      was part of the original plan. The new approach saves
      more than 100 miles of driving and provides a similar
      type of racing program.

      The day started with a tour of Louisiana State
      University in Baton Rouge, LA. This is a beautiful
      campus with lots of oak trees, which have just come
      into bloom during the past couple of weeks. It�s a
      gorgeous spring day with temps in the 70s and hardly a
      cloud in the sky. This is �Tiger� country as in LSU

      I got a chance to tour the Pete Maravich Assembly
      Center named after the basketball legend at LSU from
      the late 60s. In addition to Maravich two other LSU
      players have their jersey retired�Bob Pettit (my
      favorite pro player as a kid) and Shaquille O�Neal
      currently of Laker fame.

      By the time I left the campus it was too late for
      breakfast and a �New Orleans Style� PoBoy had my name
      on it. The Save More Market advertised that they had
      the biggest PoBoys anywhere so I had to stop. Their
      18-inch hot sausage PoBoy was a winner on delicious
      French bread at just $2.79. This was an unusual
      market to say the least. You might want to check
      these prices: 5 pounds of the following, Pigs Feet
      $3.69, Pig Tails $6.49, Turkey Necks $3.69 and Pickled
      Tips $6.49. I stuck with my PoBoy!!

      I wanted to buy an LSU t-shirt but the bookstore was
      closed for spring break. I had one other minor
      problem. I lost my credit card somewhere this
      morning. You should know that I do lose my credit
      card(s) from time to time. I�m always trying to test
      new ways of carrying them and like most tests some of
      them don�t work. I don�t mind calling the credit card
      companies to let them know I lost the card but the
      call to Carol is always a tough one. She always wants
      to know where I lost it and if I looked there. If I
      knew where I lost it I would go immediately to that
      spot and bend over and pick it up and be on my way. I
      had to settle paying cash at WalMart for a Southern
      University (remember I was lost there last night)
      Jaguars t-shirt.

      Next effort is the 120-mile drive over to the
      Gulfport, Mississippi area for tonight�s racing. On
      the way I had to stop at the Hidden Oaks Golf Driving
      Range in Slidell, Louisiana to hit a bucket of balls.
      All my golfing friends are busily practicing and
      playing while I�m gone so to stay competitive I have
      to drag a couple of clubs with me. Driving down the
      interstate you can see several pickup trucks pulled
      over into the grass off the interstate. At first I
      thought they were broken down but there were too many
      of them. It turns out they simply stop on the side of
      the highway with their small boats and go off into the
      dense forest bayou. It looks to me that area has so
      many trees and swamp that you might never come out,
      but I guess they do.

      After entering Gulfport it was time to decide what
      would be dinner. I happened across a Krispy Kreme
      donut establishment and couldn�t get my Avis Chevy
      Malibu to go by without stopping. I did learn that in
      Mississippi each KK donut is 65 cents and the same
      donut in California is twice that price. I bought
      three and ate two.

      The track contact said they would begin practice at 6
      p.m. with racing at 8 p.m. I decided to check into my
      hotel, unpack and relax until 7:45 p.m. since the
      track was just 7 miles down the road. Although there
      was a good-sized crowd (this was opening night) I was
      able to park near the ticket window (there�s always
      room for one more theory). General admission was $10.
      A pit pass would cost $20.

      Dinner at the track was a cheeseburger and diet coke.
      Now I ask that you help me judge the quality of my
      weight loss program. Do you think a PoBoy sandwich,
      two Kristy Kreme donuts and a Cheeseburger (no other
      calorie items for the day) is overeating from a
      caloric standpoint? No, I�m not asking any questions
      about nutrition. By the way I have one more Kristy
      Kreme Chocolate icing, white icing filling in the car
      for the drive to Alabama tomorrow morning. I�m giving
      the over/under at 37 minutes before that KK item
      becomes digested.

      The track announcer has announced that after two hours
      of hot laps that qualifying will begin for the late
      models at 8 p.m. Please�do the fans want to see time
      trials at 8 p.m? Fortunately they decided only to
      time the 11-car late model field. This took just 15
      minutes. Then�.the driver�s meeting took 30 minutes.
      Now it was 8:45 p.m. and they were starting the first
      heat. They had 6 classes: pure stocks, street
      stocks, Mississippi modifieds, late models and two
      other classes that looked and sounded like an
      aforementioned class. They all ran one heat except
      the street stock and late model groups, which ran two.
      The final heat checkered at 10:18 p.m. The announcer
      said they would be taking a 15-minute intermission.
      That was it for me. Too many classes, too late
      starting and too late of a finish if I tried to stay
      til the end�.I was out of there.

      The track is a � mile red clay/sand track. The
      surface is smooth and there was only a little grit
      when the more powerful late models raced. The
      refreshments were �racetrack traditional� and it took
      a long time to stand in line. They do a have a $10K
      to win race on November 17. This race will replace an
      event that was cancelled by wet weather earlier this
      month. They had a nice crowd but I want to know why a
      promoter would want to keep families and children out
      so late. I�ve got to believe the feature program
      would go past midnight. I�d give the track facility a
      6 and the racing a 2.6. The best thing about this
      track is that I will never have to go back to it, but
      it still counts at #473.

      Don�t forget to move your clocks ahead one hour
      tonight. I always hate waiting up until 2 a.m. just
      to change my watch but if that�s what the government
      says you�ve got to do then I do it. Am I the only one
      that thinks we have to move our clocks ahead (and lose
      one hours sleep) about 80% of the time and move them
      back (gaining an hours sleep) just 20% of the time??

      Tomorrow it�s off to an asphalt race in Opp, Alabama.

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