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2008 Annual Trackchaser Report

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  • Randy Lewis
    Greetings and Happy New Year to my fellow trackchasers,   I have just published my 2008 Annual Trackchasing Report.  You can find it in its entirety at
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2008
      Greetings and Happy New Year to my fellow trackchasers,

      I have just published my 2008 Annual Trackchasing
      Report.� You can find it in its entirety
      at www.ranlayrcing.com.� Simply click on the �2008
      Season Review� tab to see it.� I
      will throw out this caution.� Unless you have
      a full printer cartridge sponsorship, I would recommend not trying to print it
      out.� It comes to right around 133
      pages!� Now, you might be saying to
      yourself, �What could possibly be said about your 2008 travels that would
      require 133 pages?�� That�s what Carol asked!� You might want to think about it this
      way.� I wrote about 80 RANLAY Racing
      Trackchaser Reports during the year.�
      Each one covered about 40 printed pages.�
      That comes to about 3,200 total pages for the year.� So you see, getting the highlights condensed
      to just 133 pages was quite an accomplishment.�
      By the way printed and bound copies are available for just $24.99 until
      they sell out.

      Yes, I covered a lot of ground in 2008.� My posting in the trackchaser forum is
      limited to my annual trackchaser report.�
      If you would like to be added to my mailing list of more than 1,000
      folks and receive the RANLAY Racing Trackchaser Report on a real-time basis
      simply shoot me an email.

      This was one of my most, if not my most satisfying
      trackchasing years I have ever had.�
      Although I �only� went to 102 new tracks, I did it all over the
      world.� This year I decided to really put
      a push on seeing tracks in foreign countries.�
      For all of 2008, I saw racing in 14 countries including Austria, Canada,
      China, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico,
      South Africa, Sweden, Thailand and the good ol� U.S.A.

      Despite traveling more miles than in any other year that I
      have trackchased (257,540 miles), I still found time to do a good deal of
      trackchasing in the U.S. and Canada.� My
      travels took me to 29 different states (from Alaska to Hawaii and most points
      in between) and 5 Canadian provinces.�
      For the first time in the last several years I did not DRIVE to a single
      track from my home in California.� Every
      one of my 40 trackchasing trips had me driving to an airport to start off the

      As I mentioned I made it to 102 new tracks this year.� However, the racing wasn�t very good at most
      of the tracks that I visited.� My idea of
      good/great racing is/were the weekly non-winged sprint car shows at Ascot, the
      weekly programs at the Peoria Speedway, both of which served as my �home� track
      for several years.� When I am out on the
      trackchasing trail I rarely see programs like those offered at weekly stock car
      shows all over Iowa, weekly modified programs all over the Northeast or at the
      great little bullrings like Angel Park, Kokomo or Rockford Speedway.

      Of the 102 tracks that I saw these were the few programs
      that might have matched the racing of the tracks I mentioned above.

      Cecil Bay Iceway, Cecil, Wisconsin (stock cars)

      Swainsboro Speedway, Swainsboro, Georgia (Lucas Oil Late

      Screven Motor Speedway, Sylvania, Georgia (Lucas Oil Late

      Virginia Motor Speedway, Saluda, Virginia (D.I.R.T.

      Nisseringen, Naestved, Denmark (motorcycles were the best)

      Central Missouri Speedway, Warrensburg, Missouri (modifieds)

      Ark-La-Tex Speedway, Vivian, Louisiana (U.S.M.T.S.

      Scotia Speedworld, Halifax, Nova Scotia (stock cars)

      Tri-Oval Speedway, Fountain City, Wisconsin (stock cars and

      Utica-Rome Speedway, Vernon, New York (modifieds, although
      it was a dust bowl)

      Tipperary International Raceway, Rosegreen, Ireland

      This means that only about 10% of the tracks I went too
      offered a really entertaining race program.�
      This ratio does make me wonder sometimes why I gave up being a

      So�I saw 102 tracks in 2008.�
      How many of them do you think got me excited from a TRACKCHASING point
      of view?� Every one of them!� That�s right, every one of them.� I get just as much of a thrill out of
      visiting every new track that I see as I did when I went on my first
      �trackchasing� trip ever to the Davenport Speedway at the age of 14.� I will never give up on trackchasing, but I
      have managed to lower my expectations on the quality of racing I will be
      seeing.� For me the full thrill of
      trackchasing comes from planning the trip and then seeing the people, places
      and things for the first time.

      The highlight of my year centered around the birth of our
      twin grandchildren in June.� They�re just
      as good or better than a full 24-car USMTS feature with side by side racing on
      a warm evening in Minnesota.� Carol
      thinks there is no real comparison!�
      Actually, after years of trying I am finally getting my trackchasing
      time down to an amount that will allow me to spend the right amount of time with
      my other hobbies.� Of course, my newest
      hobby is being able to hug two little grandbabies whenever the opportunity
      comes around.

      I have a full year of trackchasing in the planning stages
      for 2009.� I hope to see racing in
      several more countries.� This marked my
      fifth straight year of seeing more than 100 new tracks during the year.� That streak should come to an end in �09 due
      to the low quality of racing at most tracks I have not seen.� My days of going all over every weekend just to
      add more tracks have ended.� I still
      expect to be �out there� but I�ll be a little more judicious in the tracks I
      attend.� I�m guessing I will make it to
      somewhere between 50 and 75 tracks next year and probably closer to the upper
      end of that range.� If I make that many,
      that will still be a very good year of trackchasing.

      Possibly the most enjoyable highlights of my non-racing
      activities while I was out on the road were my Trackchasing Tourist
      Attractions.� When I visit some faraway
      and/or remote location in the U.S. or the world, I don�t want my only memory to
      be the county fair figure 8 race that I saw.�
      I want to see the special attractions that the area I am visiting has to
      offer.� I detail more than 40 special
      places that I visited and that you might like to visit if you take in any of
      the tracks I went to this year.

      If you get the time, I hope you have a chance to read my
      2008 Annual Trackchasing Report.� It even
      comes with a Table of Contents.� Here are
      the subjects I cover:

      Biggest Event of the Year


      In Memoriam

      Major Highlights of the Year

      2008 Trackchasing Goal Recap

      2009 Trackchasing Goals

      Budgeting and Travel

      2008 Technology/Information Innovations


      Missed Opportunities

      Trackchasing Tourist Attractions

      People Visits

      People Who Helped Me at the Tracks

      RANLAY Racing Restaurant Money Back Guarantees

      Randy�s Quotes

      The Nitty/Gritty

      Doubles!� Doubles!

      Numbers!� Numbers!

      Top 5 Trackchasing Achievements by Others

      Racetracks Visits in 2008

      By the way, I have posted more than 10,000 (yes, he said ten
      thousand) pictures from my 2008 trackchasing travels on my website at www.ranlayracing.com.� The site has more than 20,000 photos in
      total.� Not everyone will have the
      opportunity to travel everywhere I have been.�
      The photos can give folks an opportunity to actually see what the trip
      was really like without having to get on an airplane and actually do it.

      I hope all trackchasers have a safe and fruitful year in

      Randy Lewis

      Alberta�s #1 Ranked Trackchaser

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