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#1128 Copper Creek Motorsports, Superior, WI

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  • Edward J. Esser
    Hi All, Thursday was a chance to visit one of the state’s newest tracks. Early Thursday morning some heavy rain came through Wisconsin but it started to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2008
      Hi All,
      Thursday was a chance to visit one of the state’s newest tracks. Early
      Thursday morning some heavy rain came through Wisconsin but it started
      to clear and I was off to the northwestern corner of the state for a
      stop at the Copper Creek Motorsports Park just south of Superior. The
      races were the first of 4 days for the NWOK (National Winged Outlaw
      Karts) and drew several karts from Montana (the flat karts did not
      race today). The dirt track sits behind a nice banked asphalt oval and
      was new last year. The facilities are still under construction with a
      large building even being worked on during today’s races. The format
      was for an afternoon race and then the evening races were qualifying
      heats for the Saturday races. Because the track is a high banked 1/6-
      mile dirt track that is a bowl it had filled up with water from the
      heavy rain last night. They were pumping out the infield so the water
      level would be off the track. They only started about an hour late and
      put cones in the track to run outside of so that the outer groove
      would have some rubber on it. Tom Brown went a little too far to the
      outside and off the track and flipped in hot laps. The track has dirt
      banks around the outside except for the center of the turns where you
      just have the run-off area and then fencing well back from the track.
      There is some extra fencing in front of the 5 row aluminum bleachers
      in the fourth turn. The speakers were not in use today and the lights
      looked fine but I never saw them in use either. Not all the karts ran
      the afternoon show but the ones that raced were 3 box stocks, 10
      125cc, 3 250cc and 12 500cc outlaw winged karts. They ran two sets of
      heats and then during intermission asked the drivers to hurry as rain
      was about an hour away. Features were 15 laps with the box stocks
      first and they went 11 laps before Jeffrey Lien went along the bank
      and then down in the infield lake before he could stop. He was pulled
      out and restarted. Jack Young won the feature. With top point cars in
      front there was a minimum of passing in the features. Garon Knudsen
      started on the pole and out raced Chet Atkinson to lead all 15 laps of
      the 125 class. This race had three slowdowns for spins and crashes and
      saw Katrina Sautbine use the dirt bank on the backstretch as a ramp
      and clear the fence into the woods. Corey Shaw won the non-stop
      feature for the 250 class. The 500 class also went all green for 15
      laps and Iowa’s Jamie Ball got the lead from the outside of the first
      row and held off a last lap inside move from 3rd starter Gary Brown
      from Montana to take the win. During the break to draw for the night’s
      heats the dark clouds were just skirting the track and a few drops of
      rain were coming down and I took this opportunity to take off for the
      day and consider myself lucky that we got in a full program this

      #1128 8/28/08 Copper Creek Motorsports Park - Superior, WI - 1/6 dirt -
      outlaw karts

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