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2008 Week 32

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    TrackChasers Our fourth weekend in a row in Canada was once again a wet one...But we got our two races in the books We left Friday morning and headed to
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      Our fourth weekend in a row in Canada was once again a wet one...But we got our two races in the books

      We left Friday morning and headed to Ontario for the Sutton Fair figure 8 race...It rained on and off most of the way up...I wasn't worried because they generally run rain or shine...After negotiating Toronto rush hour traffice, we arrived at the fair...The fairgrounds was basically flooded...We parked on the fairgrounds in one of the few spots that wasn't completely underwater...Soon we were wading through water that was a foot deep...Almost everywhere you walked was either thick mud or deep water...The figure 8 show was in an arena that was grass...There were two huge puddles of standing water at each end...They didn't do anything to try to drain any of the water...When they paraded the cars around for the best appearing car, they moved fine but you could see how much water was out there as a lot of it was hidden by the grass...They had four heats for 19 cars, two consies, and?a feature...Right before they started, it rained again...The first 15 lap heat was OK, but the cars tore up the grass and made deep mud...The second heat was worse, as it only went 13 laps before only one car was still moving cleanly...The others were stuck in the mud and barely moving and doing little but inching along, spinning their tires, and overheating...Then they brought out a plow and tried to plow off some mud...This made things even worse, as the third heat went just 8 laps...More plowing followed, but the last heat also went only 8 laps...By this time it was already 10:00, it took two hours to do the four heats...Most people were gone and we left too, with three races still to go...I was concerned because the entire fairgrounds was one big connected mud and water?puddle...That included all the animals,?plus their feces and urine...It didn't seem a very sanitary situation...When we returned to the parking lot they had tractors there to help tow people out...I barely got out without a tow...We headed to the hotel and made sure to wash our legs and feet very good before bed...My pants were soaked to the kneee...Not one of the mor

      e entertaining Cananadian fairs due to the water but mission accomplished

      Saturday we headed to the lake front in Burlington for an hour and a half walk, then drove over the bridge to Hamilton for an hour and a half bike ride...Just as we were loading the bikes into the car, it started to rain again...We watched Olympics for a couple of hours, and it poured the whole time...At 4:30 we left for the Aylmer Fair and their first figure 8 race...On the way, it rained as hard as I've ever seen it rain for such a long time...Many cars pulled over on the side of the road...Terrible thunder and lightning...We got to the fair and it was still pouring...I asked about the figure 8 race and they said it was supposed to let up and they hoped to get it in...We went in and eventually the rain stopped...They announced the event would go on as long as it didn't lightning...This was a combo figure 8 and demo derby...The three figure 8 races started the show...No other TrackChasers were spotted...Although it was very muddy again, the cars could all keep moving and all cars finished the first two races...After the first race it started to rain again and it rained for the rest of the evening...The mud at the fair wasn't bad tonight so we ignored the rain and watched the rest of the show, then got a burger and ice cream before leaving...It rained all the way back to Hamilton

      Sunday was our 17th anniversary and we went out for a nice breakfast before heading home to Pennsylvania

      This is the fifth weekend in a row rain affected our races...First it rained almost the whole time we were at BeaveRun...Next it rained a little at Mountain View, then poured on the way to Canandaigua...The following day we left for the Paris off road race in a downpour, and the event was held in a sea of mud...We left Paris and went to Kitchner for ribfest, and it rained so much while we were there the band had to quit playing...The next weekend it poured as we left Hamilton?for Grand Bend, and poured the whole time we were at lunch and most of the way there...In the Maritimes, it rained almost all day Saturday and we had to jog in the rain...Then it poured for three hours on the way to Cape Breton...Sunday it rained while we went for a walk, rained out the races, and rained as we spent the evening at the Halifax waterfront...Monday our flight home was delayed by a giant thunder and lightning storm...And this past weekend we spent two evenings at fairs more wet than dry...But the amazing thing about it all was that during those entire five weeks only one new track was rained out, that being Lake Doucette...I consider us lucky and can look back on the five weekends with mostly fond memories...I'm glad they weren't US stock car shows though, or we might have been rained out all five weeks

      No Canada this coming weekend...We are heading south to North Carolina and my last weekend off before returning to work...Here's hoping your weekend was both dry and enjoyable at the races

      Guy Smith

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