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2008 Week 26

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    TrackChasers The 26th week of the year was one of variety for me, and included one new track Wednesday Pam and I headed to New York to see a minor league
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      The 26th week of the year was one of variety for me, and included one new track

      Wednesday Pam and I headed to New York to see a minor league baseball game for the Hudson Valley Renegades...It was another great night at the ballpark, and Pam really likes baseball more than races

      Friday it was off to New Jersey to see Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band...This was my sixth time to see Ringo, and I always try to never pass up a chance to see a Beatle...I'm never disappointed in Ringo

      Saturday we had our annual block party picnic on our street...I thought about leaving early to go to Dodge City, NY as they were having Slingshots...Will and I had been to Dodge City before for Champ Karts, but this would have been a video upgrade for me...When the chance of thunderstorms hit 70 percent, I decided it wasn't worth the risk for what would have been six total hours of driving...I'm not sure if they got the race in or not

      Instead we stayed at the picnic much longer, but still left before it ended to to to Mahoning Valley, which is only a tick over a half hour away for me...Mahoning Valley was one of the first five tracks I ever went to, and is the only one of the first five that is still active...Rumors continue that this may be the last year for the track, so I wanted to make sure I got there at least one time...Car counts are shrinking faster than the crowd...They moved the starting time back an hour this year, because they have far fewer cars and thus fewer races...They advertised Late Models but they were not on the card, and they advertised a 68 lap feature for the Mini Stocks and that wasn't run either, but they charged full admission price...Five divisions of heats took only 35 minutes...The Modifieds put on perhaps the best feature I ever saw them race there, going 35 laps non stop with plenty of passing and a lead change...If that was my last race at Mahoning after over 30 years, it was a good one to remember the place by

      Mahoning was over at ten after nine, so we stopped at the West End Fair to see if we could catch any of the quarter midget features...We got there before ten, but they had just finished

      Sunday a bunch of us went to Old Bridge, NJ for the first race on the permanant paved road course...Joining me and Pam were Ginny Schuler, Rusty Curry, Will White and his mom, Paul Weisel, and Mike Knappenberger, who finally took a Saturday off to stay home and go to his brother's picnic...We have waited seven years for this track to open, so even if I wasn't going to Ringo and have the picnic, I would have stayed local to go to this event...FRCCA was the santioning group, and they had three classes with four, six, and nine starters...There were five races total, two Pole Sprint heats and three features...Two of the features were 24 laps and the other was 30...That was pretty long on a road course with so few starters...I think they should have had four races...One class race for each?and then a final with all the cars...They are building some big grandstands at the track, but as of now they are just the frame and they have no?boards on them...I was very happy to finally get this track in the books...It was another?very good?week for Guy and Pam, as we had good fun at all of our activities together, and our new kittens are doing great

      Halfway through the year I'm right on my schedule to get to 50 new tracks, which is both my goal and my maximum, as I have 26 new tracks so far...I also have been to 22 other tracks that were not new for me, so I have a nice balance of old favorites and new adventures...There are two tracks I have been to twice, Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall for the TQ's, and Mountain Speedway in PA, once for TQ's and once to meet up with Roland...I'm planning to meet up with Roland and Will again tonight at Grandview, and that will be my second trip there...This coming weekend looks pretty similar?for me, with one new track, one new minor league baseball team, and one or two old tracks

      Guy Smith

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