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2008 Weekend Seven

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    TrackChasers For the seventh weekend of the year, we made our second and what turned out to be our final winter trip to Quebec for ice racing...The first
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      For the seventh weekend of the year, we made our second and what turned out to be our final winter trip to Quebec for ice racing...The first weekend of the month, Mike, Will, and myself were planning on a Quebec weekend, but bad weather postponed the trip and Mike and I went to Indianapolis...The second weeked of the month we got our first?trip in the books, but it was only Mike and I...This weekend we had Mike, me, Will, and for his first ice racing weekend Paul Weisel, Jr

      As we usually do, we left Friday and drove to Plattsburgh, NY...Turns out we could have left early Saturday morning, as the Saturday racing started a couple of hours late...We had been trying to get to Khanawake to see the ice racing by the local stock car club for a couple of seasons, but had not been successful...This time we scored with a CMRC motorcycle event that also included the cars...It turned out to be a reasonably nice day, and since we could watch from the car it made the long wait less bearable...We watched the two heats for the cars, and then left...We never did see Rick Young, who followed us out...Paul like his first ice race, espeically the clubhouse

      After leaving, we headed north towards our evening destination of Vallee Jonction...I thought we had a reasonably good chance of catching some racing at Lac Mirage...Will and I had been there before, but it would be new for Mike and Paul...We ended up making it in plenty of time to watch the final heat and a few of the features for the Quebec Glace club...Paul like this one even better, the clubhouse, that is

      We headed to our evening destination at Club Ski Beauce...This race was a tiny oval for bazous stockers...They had a decent turnout of cars, and we saw the heats...It was brutally cold, but luckily we could warm up inside the refreshment stand barn, which Paul longingly referred to as the clubhouse...We watched the heats and the other guys were ready to leave...I wanted to see one more race so I stayed outside while they headed to the car...The long intermission and brutal temps finally got the best of me, and I gave up and we headed to Drummondville for the night

      Sunday we were supposed to go to see the Quebec Glace group again at St. Ferdinand, but they canceled...So we headed over to Ontario to see the local races at Clarence Creek, near Rick Young's house...Besides the four of us and Rick Young, PJ Hollebrand, and Randy and Carol Lewis were there...That was the first time I had ever met Carol...The track was a quarter mile oval on land, and they had a nice turnout of both cars and fans...They had real grandstands which were for the most part full, but alas, no clubhouse...Rick and his group sat at one end of the stands, while we sat at the other...Mike suggested we all sit together and I volunteered to save seats while Randy moved his bunch to where we were sitting...The races started on time and we watched a few of the heats...I was videotaping, then walking around taking still pictures...When I was ready to head back up to the stands, they were all signalling me to stay down, that the group was ready to leave

      We had a long drive to get home and we had some real potential for bad weather...The bad weather hit us around Ottawa, but just for a brief period and we had smooth sailing the rest of the way home...It was a real good weekend for me, with three new ice tracks plus one old one...In the first seven weekends of the year, I had been to races in eight regions...GA-NC-CT-NJ-ME-IN-QC-ON...all with having to be at work Monday through Friday and without taking any air flights...You retired guys don't know how easy you have it

      Guy Smith

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