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Bremerton Motorsports Park ---Bruce # 553, Pat #552

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  • Bruce Eckel
    Sunday, July 29 - Finally the last of the reports from our big vacation!!! The day was kind of wet and dreary to start out but cleared up somewhat later. We
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2007
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      Sunday, July 29 - Finally the last of the reports from our big vacation!!!
      The day was kind of wet and dreary to start out but cleared up somewhat
      later. We all arrived at the track at 11. We drove into the facility and
      talked to the registrar who gave us lineup papers and a schedule. We drove
      around the whole facility as good as we could and checked out the cars in
      the pit area. It was a double regional combining the Pacific Northwest and
      the Hawaii chapters of the SCCA. The only problem was there was not a one
      entry from Hawaii on the lists!!! The track itself is a 1.1 mile paved road
      course with eight turns with the entire course set up on the drag strip
      area. The turns consisted of cones and tires as markers. Therefore there
      were no elevation changes and the course was rather boring. The first race
      was not until 2 PM so we decided to drive into the sleepy town of Bremerton
      which did not have many businesses open on a dreary Sunday. We grabbed
      lunch and returned to the track by 1:40. Race 1 which consisted of the
      Vintage Closed Wheels (VP1) and the vintage open wheels (VFSR) with 8 cars
      starting the 20 minute race at 2:20 including one of Junior Johnson's
      Kentucky Fried Chicken #11's. The race was 19 laps with Carolyn Dimmer in
      her VFSR entry running circles around the boys. Robert Dunstan was the top
      finishing VP1 car. Race 2 was 25 minutes and ended up being 27 laps with
      four classes running at the same time with a total of 9 cars. They were
      FT2, SPO, ITE and FP. Andrew Foley in his Panoz GT5 was the class of the
      field and took home first place honors in the GT2 division, Ken Olson in a
      Shelby Cobra (SPO), Chuck Briggs in a Porsche 928S (ITE) and Gary Muron in a
      Opel GT (FP) the other class winners. We stayed for almost the entire race
      3 which started at 3:25 consisting of PCA3, ITS and SM. Unless he broke
      Harry Cadell romped to victory in the PCA3 class. It was 3:35 and time to
      head back toward Portland and our flight back home. Yuch!!!

      Anyhow a good vacation with good friends with only one rainout and many fine
      sights visited. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful country and we look
      forward to a return trip one day again.


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      TrackChasers: Was asked why I didn t do a weekly report from last week...It s because when Lorain cancelled the figure 8 race due to the infield flooding, I
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        Was asked why I didn't do a weekly report from last week...It's because when Lorain cancelled the figure 8 race due to the infield flooding, I didn't go anywhere new...That ended my string of 14 straight weekends with a new track...I considered either Cashmere, WV; Bear Creek, NC; or calling Git-R-Done, ME but in the end decided to just go to a couple local races,?because I'm now back at school...Since the other tracks considered?are weekly I'll hopefully have other chances either this year or next...Lorain was a once a year event...But it was pointed out to me that what may be local repeat tracks for me are new for lots of others on this far-flung listserve...Can't argue with that


        Was planning to go to a new track, but not a TrackChaser countable one...I wanted to go to the new Quarter Midget track in Schnecksville to see it before school started, but it rained out, as did my other possible choice of Grandview for Sprints


        My last day off...I went looking for a new car...Decided on a Buick Rendezvous...Thought I made a good deal, but it turned out to be not so good...The model is being discontinued and 2007 is the last...They didn't have any new ones at the dealer, but we used the car locater and found 13 in the area...I got $4000 off the sticker price, and $3000 trade for the Aztec with 190,000 miles on it...Plus I saved the $2800 it would cost to fix the Aztec to pass inspection...Put on a $500 downpayment and and thought I was set...However, it didn't work out as planned


        Back to school for year 21


        We got a ceiling fan installed in the master bedroom on Pam's last day off...Looks great...Got the bad news about the car...It seems that the model is more popular then they thought, and none of the other dealers would trade with my dealer so he couldn't get a new one...He's going to look for used 2007's for me with very low mileage...We were going to go to Clinton County for the Sprints, but I saw Accord was starting the show with a Modified feature from the week before...Then a complete regular show...So at the last minute, I changed plans to go to Accord to see the outer oval for the first time in over a decade...The place has never looked better, and they had respectable car counts in most classes...But six divisions is too many...Apple pie ala mode was a nice surprise...Also the fact that there was no dust was another nice surprise...To sum it up, the racinig was decent, but the show ran too long and late


        Decided to stay in that area and on Saturday went to Oakland Valley...This was an "upgrade" for me, as in my only previous visit to the dirt track, Gordy and I saw Champ Karts...This time they had Slingshot and Quarter Modifieds...Seven of each...Plus Junior Slings and lotsa karts...This track is also nicer than it was last time I was there...They have a couple sets of nice bleachers now...It was so hot and humid that it made it hard to enjoy, especially with the early 5:00 starting time...We only watched one full set of races, then left and had dinner at Perkins where it was nice and cool


        No races...Went walking in the morning, mowed the lawn and trimmed grass in the afternoon, and went to the West End Fair in the evening...There used to be countable Legends racing at the West End Fair, but not in recent years...Just Quarter Midgets...I'm surprised they don't try a figure 8 race there, since they have demo derby for three straight nights...Don't mess with success, I guess...For Labor Day weekend we are heading up to Quebec...Have a great Labor Day weekend

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