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  • Rick Young
    This Saturday I attended the first ever open to the public real racing event at the newly opend CALABOGIE MOTORSPORTS circuit located about an hour west of
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 29, 2007
      This Saturday I attended the first ever 'open to the public' real racing event at the newly opend CALABOGIE MOTORSPORTS circuit located about an hour west of Ottawa.

      It was day one of the TED POWELL MEMORIAL DAY RACES weekend and was organised by the MOTOR SPORT CLUB OF OTTAWA.

      The track is a 5-05 kilometer roadcourse layed out in the Calabogie Highlands

      The event was sanctioned by the CASC and the cars varied from single seaters to Touring Cars.

      I arrived at around 1-30pm just after a heavy rain storm, but luckily this type of racing does'nt stop when its wet. I saw the last couple of qualifying sessions before the racing for 'real' started around 3-00pm . The first 'actual' 20 minute race was for single seaters, held in another rain storm. ( I was sheltering under a hot dog stand at the start finish line for this one)

      The rain was short lived and the sun was out for the next event, also for single seaters.
      I watched from the landscaped banking on "Whats Up" corner where the viewing was excellent.

      The third race was a really good one which consisted of "Touring Cars" and a mixture of 'sporty' stuff too ( There was a Dodge Viper amongst them)
      For the duration of the race , spectators were treated to a battle taking place for the lead between a Porsche and a BMW , with the latter getting past to win, in the final stages .

      I found this newly opened racing facilty very good , and looks very promising for the future. Most people I talked to, were very impressed.

      I left there at 4-15pm, and made it to the Brockville Ontario Speedway ( just less than 2 hours away) for the evening round of the LUCAS OILS CANADIAN DIRT SERIES


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      TrackChasers: The 11th straight week of TrackChasing was another very successful one....It s been a very good year so far for Pam and Guy THE QUESTION MARKS I
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 30, 2007

        The 11th straight week of TrackChasing was another very successful one....It's been a very good year so far for Pam and Guy


        I still haven't figured out why the question marks appear, and only when I post to the TrackChaser listserve....No Andy, I am not composing this in another program....just hitting reply to a previous post and typing as always....Will suggested I write my entire report as questions but leave out the question marks....then when it puts them in automatically it will look right....I'm going to try using four elipses between sentences and see how that works and looks...Sorry it's annoying, I'm trying to figure this out and still participate with reports to the group


        It was a long drive through southern New England to Cape Cod, MA for a figure 8 race at the Barnstable County Fair....Pam was giving oral finals so I was driving solo....I sat with the Osowski's, and the Hickey's were there also but I didn't see them....This was an expensive fair and a kabob was $10....I blew my whole food budget on one stick of meat....The fair admission included the races, and there was a big crowd watching....The show was JM, his second of two new fairs for this year....There were 21 cars and three heats, two consies, and a feature....It was over before 9:00, which was good for me as I had a six hour drive home and had to be up early in the morning as we were getting a new heat pump/central air unit installed on Wednesday


        It was off to Orange County to see the Slingshots on the small oval on the frontstretch....At the last minute, Pam decided to come along, her summer course ending the day before....There were many TrackChasers on hand, including the Weidman's, Smith's, Hickey's, Gordy, Paul Weisel, Mike Knappenberger, and PJ....Rusty Curry was also spotted, but he didn't sit with the group....They had 22 Senior Slingshots, plus Juniors, Micro Stocks, and karts....An expensive race to watch, $5 to park, $8 for fair admission, $10 for race....The beef and onion sandwich was the year's best....It was a rather long event for a fair race, starting right on time at 7:00 with the Senior Slingshot race ending at 10:00


        Another dreaded drive up I-95 to New England, to erase the Seekonk Kart Track rainout suffered last month....This time we left early in the morning and spent a relaxing afternoon at Mystic Seaport instead of fighting CT traffic....We also spent some time at Mistic Village, shops located right next to the aquarium....Thanks for the tip, Mrs. Hickey....We arrived at Seekonk at 6:00, for the scheduled 7:00 start....You could watch the karts for free from the outside, pay $5 to watch the Pure Stocks on the big track and still watch the karts from the outside, or pay $15 to buy a pit pass and watch the karts from the inside....We chose to not buy a ticket....They had absurd amounts of practice, starting the races 90 minutes late....By then it was dark and the mosquitos were in full attack....They were in the features on the stock car track before the first heat on the stock car track....After the Senior Champs raced, we walked up to the big track and they were no longer selling tickets, so we walked in and watched the 13 car Pure Stock feature and got bit some more


        We headed back to Ontario for the third straight weekend....This time we went to the Markham Fairgrounds for a car show that featured an ODD figure 8 race and demo derby....PJ joined us again....I'm not into car shows, so we didn't hang around this place too long....just long enough to grab dinner and watch the figure 8's


        Pam and I missed Rick Young by a day at Calabogie....A very nice new road course, this was their first full spectator racing weekend....The spectator area was at the best location, but somewhat limited in that you couldn't see the whole course....A beautiful afternoon in Ontario and we enjoyed it very much....On the way back to the states, we stopped in a small town at a chip truck and had fantastic fish and chips, plus corn on the cob


        It was another great weekend in Ontario?for us....The two midweek fairs were fun, even though the solo drive home from Cape Cod was tough....Seekonk was not fun, but we made it a good day by going to Mystic Seaport....It's always tough for me to get any new New England tracks, and this week I got two....I'm only the top TrackChaser in two New England states out of six, but it would take only five tracks in the right states to be first in all six....Easier said then done though, as I've missed several new New England tracks in the past few years, as they are not top priority for me....Markham was OK, and Calabogie was a wonderful afternoon to be outside....I only have three more weekends off before heading back to school for year 21....Hope everyone else had a great week and weekend too


        I had a great TrackChasing month of July, getting to 15 new tracks....It was also a month of makeups, making second trips of the year to Great Lakes, OH; Sunset, ON; and Seekonk, MA to make up for earlier rainouts....The only real disappointment was the closing of the Smithton Hole oval, but we did get Moler on the day we were going to go to The Hole....It was a fun month, but tiring and I had to give up?a lot of time for?some other projects I want to work on....I had planned to limit myself to only around 50 new tracks this year, and I now already have 39 in the first seven months


        With 39 tracks already in the books for this year, I plan to cut way back in August.? Unlike some of the group, I do not currently plan to retire until I'm in my 60's, so I have to pace myself for 13 more years or I'll run out of drivable new tracks long before I retire....I only have four new tracks planned for August, and even though I got 15 new tracks in July, I am almost sure I won't get more than that in the last five months of the year combined....I just took my planned December trip to USA, FL for the Silver Crown race off my schedule, due to the nearly $10,000 we had to spend on the heat pump

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