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Georgia / South Carolina Weekend

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    TrackChasers: Pam and I headed south for week seven of the summer TrackChasing season.? We went to one track in Georgia and two in South Carolina.? Only one of
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      Pam and I headed south for week seven of the summer TrackChasing season.? We went to one track in Georgia and two in South Carolina.? Only one of the two in SC was new for me.? It was my second of the season in GA (1st was the Champ Car race at SGMP on Easter weekend) and my second in SC (1st was the ASCS Super Sprints at Dillon).??I have no current plans to return to either state anymore this year.


      We went to Boyd's, GA.? This is still listed in the new NSD at Tennesee-Georgia Speedway.? It is RIGHT on the line, less than one tenth of a mile from TN.? We had a lot of rain and traffic on the way down.? It rained within 30 miles of the track.? But?it never rained?at the track, at least as long as we were there.? Pam won a popcorn prize, which was a coupon for a free cheeseburger, soda, and chips inside a box of popcorn.? They actually started racing at 8:00, pretty good for a southern dirt track.? The top class of five?were the?Limited Late Models, and they had a sort of decent field of 16 of them.? All classes ran heats instead of time trials.? The track surface was pretty good.? Not a bad show overall, and very good for the southeast.? This was my 1100th track.


      We were lucky on Saturday as well.? Chance of rain was 60%.? We came through a viscious storm driving from Atlanta to Spartanburg.? We stopped at Sonny's for lunch.? We went to Traveler's Rest Speedway, formally Windy Hollow.? They still answer the phone that way.? Please note this is not the former Riverside Speedway, also in Traveler's Rest.? They had seven divisions at Traveler's Rest, and after six had hotlapped, it rained.? It rained for about 20 minutes total, of which 15 of them were a steady rain.? Yet it hardly held up the start of the show once?the rain?stopped.? They started racing only 15 minutes behind schedule.? Many southern tracks start hours behnd schedule when the weather is perfect.? Nice job.? They were having twin 20's for Crate Late Models, and it rained again during the first Late Model feature, the sixth race of 12 for the night.? This time it poured hard?and I got soaked because I was too stubborn to go to the car when the wind picked up, because the Late Model feature was running.? We decided to leave at that point, since they were either going to cancel or have a much longer rain delay this time?before resuming the racing.? While running to the car, I heard them say they were going to get the races in tonight no matter how long it took.? This was my 100th Carolina track between North and South.? It is also the last SC track listed in the NSD that I hadn't been to.

      Five miles down the road it was dry, and I didn't quite have my racing fix yet since we didn't get to see a full Late Model feature at TR, so I decided to stop and see if Greenville Pickins was running.? It was only 3.2 miles out of the way.? I had only been there once with Gordy, and we only saw the final race of the night after making it the second half of a double.? We got to GP, and the Late Model 40 lapper had just started.? They were under yellow with only one lap in the books.? They were still charging admission.? We watched the Late Model feature and got fried bologna sandwiches.? Nice cars but all strung out and no passing.? Still an impressive facility.? I called TR from GP, and they said they were still in rain delay but were just about ready to get restarted.? I have to give them credit for that too.? I still wouldn't mind seeing?Greenville Pickins?for a whole show, to get better track pictures and video.? Sprint cars are there this coming Friday, but we will not be in the southeast this coming weekend, or anymore this summer for that matter.

      We were lucky weather-wise, and Pam and I had a fun weekend together eating barbeque in the south.

      Guy Smith

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