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NHIS roadcourse

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  • bardahlspl2000
    On Saturday, May 26 I got one of the easier tracks available to me, even if it did take 17 years to git er done . When Bruce and Pat Eckel contacted me about
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      On Saturday, May 26 I got one of the easier tracks available
      to me, even if it did take 17 years to "git er done". When Bruce and
      Pat Eckel contacted me about their trackchasing trip to New England,
      a visit to the New Hampshire International Speedway road course was a
      slam dunk for me. Not only did I not have this track, but it's only
      a half hour from my house.

      While waiting outside the gates for the Eckel's to arrive I
      had an unexpected urge to eat quiche and drive a Miata! Little did I
      realize that soon we would be watching an entire division of

      After meeting up and exchanging greetings we plunked down our
      $25 apiece to venture into the track. Today was a SCCA event for the
      New England region of the club. The main grandstand was not open,
      though the thought did cross my mind to go through the NHIS gift shop
      and cruise out the other end to the stands. Fortunately we didn't do
      that, as we would've missed out on what we did see. The price is a
      little steep, but as this is not an event geared to spectators, and I
      suspect that the SCCA is renting the track, it's probably in line for
      insurance coverage, etc.

      Upon entering the track we cruised through the infield
      observing numerous teams scattered about preparing for the afternoon
      races. There's definitely a family atmosphere here with spouse's
      helping out and kids playing amongst themselves.

      The NHIS road course is a 12 turn, 1.6 mile layout. It
      utilizes portions of the oval and infield as well as going outside of
      the oval. There are significant elevation changes on the outside
      portion for being a combined oval/road course. The course starts at
      the oval start/finish line, continues around turns 1 and 2 of the
      oval before cutting slightly to the inside of the backstretch.
      Halfway down the backstretch the cars hang a 90 degree right across
      the track and up the hill. From there they loop around a 180 degree
      turn, through some esses, and then back down the hill across the
      backstretch. They then duck to the inside of turns 3 and 4 before
      reentering the oval at the pit entrance.

      After briefly cruising the infield we ventured to the outside
      section, settling in by the 180 degree turn, a turn that I can only
      describe as a "carousel". It's well banked with the cars coming down
      hill into it, and uphill out of it into some ess turns. There is a
      small set of bleachers outside of this turn that offers great
      viewing, as well as being able to at least see the cars on the front
      stretch and the flagman if you have really good eyes. It was
      interesting how cars took various lines through the turn, and in the
      sedan classes there was actually a little bit "rubbin" and some

      The first race went off at the scheduled 1PM, it was a
      multiple class sedan race. At first glance it actually looked like a
      mini stock lineup for any area oval track. Mark Megolia took the win
      in F production in a Volkswagen.

      The next was a multi formula car race with Robert Laverly in
      a formula C car winning. Some classes only have one car entered.
      All class winners took a victory lap holding the checkered flag. The
      formula V cars look very spindly with narrow bodies and narrow

      Third race of the day was all Mazda Miata's won by Ken
      Payson. This was the most entertaining race of the day with a full
      field of cars closely matched. It was this race where the
      aforementioned rubbing and contact occurred.

      Before the fourth race we cruised back into the infield and
      through the garage area. In what would normally house the NASCAR Cup
      cars were the high dollar Porsches and Corvettes. There were also a
      few stock car type racers that could pass for oval track stockers.

      We picked out a spot by some small bleachers just as the cars
      turn right across the backstretch. We couldn't really see too much,
      but we were definitely close up to the action. It was again
      interesting to see how each driver attacked the hard right and
      continued up the hill to the outside portion of the track. Alan
      Walker won the fourth race which was made up of formula cars.

      The fifth race was again made up of Miata's and won by Willie
      Casson. On the first lap contact was made as the cars raced out of
      turn two and onto the backstretch, resulting in a few cars spinning
      out. It looked a little like the start of the recent NASCAR all star

      I believe the concession stand was open though I didn't try
      anything. One thing about this type of racing is that the cars
      aren't super loud like a V-8 oval stock car is, which along with gaps
      of relative quiet when the cars on the other side of track makes it
      easy to talk during the races. It was fun to compare notes with the
      Eckel's and talk about all things racing.

      While this race was going on Pat reminded Bruce it was
      already after 3 pm and they needed to get going to their evening
      track, Riverside Speedway in Groveton NH, lovingly referred to around
      here as "Grovetona". After saying our goodbyes and already planning
      for a winter ice racing assault I followed them up I-93 to my exit.
      It was tempting to keep going, but the lure of my usual Saturday
      night stop at White Mountain Motorsports Park, as well as half the
      driving time was too great, so I didn't join them. As it was I saw a
      good night of racing with Maine legend Mike Rowe winning the PASS
      tour race over his son Ben.

      All in all, a good day at the races.
    • Will White
      Now that I got everyone s attention, here is the list of countable 2007 National Speedway Directory tracks that are not (yet) on the lists of any listed
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 11, 2007
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        Now that I got everyone's attention, here is the list of countable 2007
        National Speedway Directory tracks that are not (yet) on the lists of
        any listed TrackChaser. We're doing a pretty good job of it, with just
        43 of the USA tracks and 28 of the CAN tracks still on our collective
        "to do" list:
        AL--Chattahoochie Valley
        AL--Talladega GP ?? (still not confirmed as countable)
        AK--Union Field
        AZ--Phoenix GP
        CO--El Paso County
        CO--Thunder Mountain
        ID--Salmon Valley
        KS--Cloud County
        KS--Rush County
        KS--Solomon Valley
        ME--Fayette ??
        MO--County Line
        MO--I-70 F8
        MO--Outlaws Retreat ??
        NE--MP Hastings
        NM--High Plains
        TX--Amarillo Modified Midget
        TX--Corpus Christi
        TX--Eagles Canyon
        TX--Gulf Coast
        TX--Hill Country
        TX--Lady Luck
        TX--Texoma 1/5
        TX--Texoma 1/10
        VA--Rolling Thunder ??
        WA--Castle Rock
        WA--Jackson Prairie paved
        WV--Big Muddy

        AB--Central Alberta
        AB--Edmonton GP
        AB--Medicine Hat
        AB--Rocky Mountain
        BC--Gold Pan
        BC--Thunder Mountain
        NB--Blue Mountain
        NF--Howard Brown
        NS--Lake Doucette paved
        PQ--Montmagny dirt
        SK--Auto Clearing

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