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O'Neil Arena

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  • rpmgordy
    Greetings from your breadman, I just received info that there will be countable kart races at the O Neil building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007
      Greetings from your breadman,

      I just received info that there will be countable kart races at
      the O'Neil building on the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus on
      Saturday, March 3. Practice is scheduled for 11:45am with racing to
      begin around 12:30pm. Caged karts are supposed to be in the first set
      of racing.

      Guy Smith recently added an oval track on Lake George in NY to
      his list. He had previously listed a road course on this same body of
      water. It was my understanding that we could only count one temporary
      track on any frozen body of water. I reread the rule and didn't see
      any allowance for distinguishing between oval, figure 8 or road
      course, only that lakes could only be counted as one venue regardless
      of the type of course seen. If I missed an amendment or subsequent
      ruling by the commissioner with reagrds to the counting of lake
      tracks I'd appreciate an update. Otherwise, I'd like to see this oval
      subtracted from his list. Every time a group races on a frozen lake,
      the course is not exactly the same as any other time they raced
      there. The size and shape is determined by the amount of snow, it's
      location and the whim of the plow truck driver. The reason this oval
      that had been used for motorcycle races previously was used was
      because there was too much snow on the lake to plow a different
      course. Were it not for the one track per lake rule, some would claim
      a new track every time they saw a race on that lake. This group has
      always had a problem drawing a line, yet he we are with another
      dotted line. Here's hoping the Commish will make this line solid with
      a track denial. Every loophole left in the rules makes the entire set
      less relevant.

      My most recent new track was the West Valley Speedway in
      Surprise, AZ just northwest of Phoenix. The aluminum grandstand was
      formerly used at the mile track in Phoenix. The track is a slightly
      banked 3/8th mile carved out of the desert. Alas, there is little
      real clay with the surface being similar to all the rest of the
      ground on the property. It retained little moisture, and the daytime
      sun and wind made sure the dust came right back after every watering.
      They ran 5 classes numbering between 6 and 10 entries. The racing was
      not riveting stuff. There are now 4 tracks competing for the same
      racers in the Phoenix area. The Phoenix area may be one of the
      fastest growing, population wise, in the country, but the percentage
      of those people that are race fans must be quite small as all 4
      tracks are struggling for fans. More entertaining than the races at
      WVS were the remote control planes and jets that were flying on
      another part of the property. Some even had smoke trails as they went
      through their aerobatic maneuvers.

      That's all for now. Adios.

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