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  • rpmgordy
    Greetings from your breadman, I hope eveveryone had a geat Thanksgiving. This is one of the highest volume weeks in breadworld, and I have one less day to deal
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2006
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      Greetings from your breadman,

      I hope eveveryone had a geat Thanksgiving. This is one of the
      highest volume weeks in breadworld, and I have one less day to deal
      with it all. My first day back to work on Monday after having last
      week off was a 13 hour effort that was followed by 2, 10 hour rounds.
      I need another vacation already. I did spend the last half of that
      vacation enjoying the hospitality of my in-laws in Sarasota, FL. This
      gave me the opportunity to knock off some tracks that aren't usually
      running during speedweeks.

      First up was the kart track at East Bay Raceway Park that sits
      in the infield of the Regular track on Nov. 17. It's a 1/6th? mile of
      slightly banked, sandy clay that forced the karts to get slideways.
      That made for better than normal kart racing. Nine senior champkarts
      made up the one, countable division on a cool night. Their race was
      12th on the docket, and took place 1 hour after my arrival at 7:00pm.
      This was a very organized kart show, with multiple yellows flying
      only in the kidkart class. Thoughts of a double entered my head, and
      it was off to Auburndale.

      I arrived at the Auburndale Kartway an hour later to find them
      at intermission at another 1/6th? of a mile, flat, dirt track. The
      countable , senior champkarts would be the 9th feture of the night,
      which meant I would have to endure 2 hours worth of caution filled
      kart racing slowed by a 50 minute kidkart feature while the temps
      continued to drop. The 7 senior champs hit the track at 11:45 and
      concluded their 20 lapper 5 minutes later. The PA systems at both
      tracks were used only to call karts to the grid. Kart racing remains
      fan unfriendly, and is no hurry to change this. The only people that
      watch individual races are family members of the participants at
      these back gate driven events. Still, it was nice to get 2 of these
      on the list with a minimum of fuss.

      The next day found me entering Speedway Park in Fruitland Park,
      FL for yet another kart show. I scrambled to a viewing area as
      champkarts were lining up for a race when I arrived at the 5:30pm
      starting time. Alas, they were just the first of 2 junior classes and
      the 5th race of the program. They actually started early right after
      practice concluded. It was cool and getting cooler, and they had no
      intention of getting any colder than necessary. I would only have to
      wait 4 more races for the countable seniors this time. The track was
      a 1/6th? (Anyone see a theme, here?) mile, flat, dirt track inside a
      very nice facility with permanant structures housing concessions,
      teck area, office, parts places and rest rooms. I enjoyed a couple of
      burgers as I waited for the champs. I parked my rented Dodge Charger
      against the fence in turn 2, and watched in comfort and warmth. That
      car proved quite capable, roomy and comfortable while doubling as a
      chick magnet. Even a churlish, gristled, old breadman drew favorable
      inquiries from envious, young females. Ah, to be 25 again. I digress.
      Thoughts of a double surfaces again, and I headed north to Ocala.

      The Thunder Bowl Speedway of Ocala was running their show of
      motorcycles, quads, gadgets and 250 microsprints at 7:00. It was too
      close and convenient to pass up. The track is a 1/5th of a mile,
      flat, narrow, dirt paper clip with 4 small sections of bleachers on
      the front side. As the pits are right there, also, everyone that
      enters must sign a release. Every class ran 2 heats and a feature,
      with the micros being the second class in the running order. I stayed
      for all the heats and the micro feature before heading back to Tampa
      from which I would fly home the next day. There were 12 micros on
      hand, and all 3 of their races were pretty decent as there were 4
      good cars, 4 medium cars and 4 oh my God's that made finding a good
      passing lane a challenge to say the least. Two of the quad classes
      put on some good racing, though the speedway bikes were lacking in
      number and quality. Then there were the gadgets. Gadgets are just
      Odysseys with a different name. I hadn't seen this class race
      anywhere in years, and with only 3 competing, that's a trend that
      will probably continue. My 9:50 departure got me back to Tampa before
      midnight. It was funny how the bike people ignored the micro races
      and vice versa. I was the only person that watched everything.

      Before I go I must add my congrats to Mike Knappenberger on his
      100 new track acchievement. It was my pleasure riding shotgun for
      many of those shows. I could never have garnered my meager 56 new
      ones without his help. Co-operation and friendship have competition
      beat all to Hell. With that in mind, I'd like to invite all to my
      birthday bash at the indoor show in Columbus, OH on Jan. 20. The best
      present I could possibly receive would be having the largest
      gathering of trackchasers possible for the largest, group photo to be
      taken to date. I now make a special invite to Randy. I know it's far
      from San Clemente, but for better or worse, you are an integral part
      of this group and should be in the photo and sit with us at the
      event. Please, consider it. Hopefully, Mr. Moderator approves of this
      message and my sincere extension of an olive branch. Adios.

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