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Re: Add 3 for Guy and 2 for Pam

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  • mike
    ... on the SCORR schedule. I found the flyer while in Michigan this weekend going through all my old directions. Mark s number is 716-998- 0960 or e-mail Dave
    Message 1 of 331 , Aug 1, 2006
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      --- In TrackChasers@yahoogroups.com, RTRYFBAR@... wrote:
      >Hi Guy, Here is some info I dug up.August 3rd the Livingston Fair is
      on the SCORR schedule. I found the flyer while in Michigan this
      weekend going through all my old directions. Mark's number is 716-998-
      0960 or e-mail Dave Dave@... or Mark Mnotost@.... I
      hope this helps.
      > TrackChasers:
      > I managed to add three new tracks this past week. A solo run on
      Wednesday, and another great getaway weekend for Pam and I were the
      two trips. It was the 11th week in a row that I got at least one new
      track. Hopefully, I can keep it going until Labor Day weekend, at
      > After our five mile morning walk, I didn’t want to tire myself
      out too much as I had eight and a half hours of driving to do later
      in the day. So instead of following the walk with ten miles of
      biking, or working on my never ending landscaping stone project (Pam
      calls it my “Stonehenge”), I tried again with the electricity in
      the garage that I screwed up earlier in the week. Surprise! I fixed
      it myself. That was a pleasant surprise. We have not finished the
      sauna yet, however.
      > In the afternoon, I headed solo to the Ontario County Fair in
      Canandaiqua, NY for the figure 8 race. Pam had her last night class
      of the summer session. We had learned of this race in 2004 after the
      fact, then both Will and I forgot about it in 2005 and I missed it
      again. This year, when I decided not to go to Ohio for the two
      figure 8’s on Tuesday and Wednesday, I knew I would make the day
      trip and finally get Canandaigua.
      > I arrived about an hour and a half before the 7:00 p.m. starting
      time. Admission was $4 without the races, and $9 with the races.
      Parking was free. They had a decent turn out of 19 stocks for the
      figure 8 races, and a good crowd. Of course it was not full, as
      Canandaigua Speedway has a lot of seats.
      > This show was put on by Total Destruction Demo Productions. They
      don’t have many shows, running at Black Rock, Ontario, and Otsego
      in NY; and at Tioga in PA. One good thing about this show is that
      they do run it quickly. They can run a figure 8 show in 60-90
      > The fair was smaller than I expected. I picked a good stand and
      got a roast beef dinner with salt potatoes and baked beans for $7.
      Later I had more salt potatoes. I looked around for Paul and Eleanor
      or P. J., expecting them to show at any minute. But I did not see
      > They ran four heat races with the top two qualifying. With only a
      couple of minute break, they ran a consie with ten cars. This was a
      mess, as ten cars were too many on the tiny course they had set up.
      Since the feature also had ten cars, they made a smart call and moved
      the barriers out to make the track a bit bigger. Even though they
      started 20 minutes late, the feature was over around 8:40 and I was
      home before 1:00.
      > FRIDAY
      > We left home Friday morning and headed to Quebec as planned. The
      destination was the Autodrome Chaudiere, a track that Will and I had
      visited in 1997 when it was a dirt track. I don’t remember that
      much about it, as we went to another track in the afternoon and when
      we arrived at Chaudiere it was already dark. Several years ago, the
      track was paved.
      > The layout is different than when we were there before. Now you
      park at the bottom of the track and walk up to the seating. When we
      were there you parked behind and entered from the top like at Big
      Diamond. The old parking area is now pit area. There are new seats,
      and the track itself is really nice.
      > They had a good crowd and a $15 admission. There were the normal
      four divisions, plus the Canadian legends. Oddly, all four of the
      regular divisions had the same car count, 11. The legends had 17.
      The track is really well laid out and the racing was exceptionally
      good for a paved stock car track. There was a lot of passing, side
      by side racing, and very few cautions. I also like the format that
      is used at the Quebec paved tracks. Instead of a meaningless heat
      and a feature, the whole show is feature racing, and the races are
      broken up into segments. Each class ran two or three segments. I
      enjoyed the evening at Chaudiere. I’ve now been to every NSD
      listed weekly Friday track on the eastern seaboard, from the top of
      Newfoundland to the bottom of Puerto Rico, except the track in
      Ringgold, GA; where I was rained out last year.
      > After the races we made the final hour drive to Beauport, a suburb
      of Quebec City.
      > SATURDAY
      > The plan when we left home was to make the four and a quarter hour
      drive from Quebec City to Ste. Felicien and finally get one of the
      far north Quebec tracks, where Will White has been running amuck for
      years. But we ended up going elsewhere.
      > On the way to Chaudiere, we went through East Broughton. I decided
      to go look for the track. This track had been in the NSD for a long
      time, but was not listed at all this year, not even as “plans
      uncertain” like the tracks that may run are listed. However, Will
      said that he read on a message board that they were going to race.
      We didn’t know when or how often.
      > I found the track and it looked like it was in operation, but I
      couldn’t tell for sure. I went into the bar on the property and
      asked. I was happy to hear that they would be running Saturday
      evening. When leaving the bar I saw a poster for the track. They
      run every other Saturday. This weekend was not a scheduled race
      weekend. I later found out they were rained out last weekend so they
      were using this weekend as a makeup date. If I had seen the poster
      before going in the bar I might have just assumed we were there on
      the wrong weekend and not even asked. That was lucky. So even
      though it would have been good to get the much farther Ste. Felicien
      out of the way, I opted for East Broughton because it is much harder
      to get information about this track. Better to get it while we were
      there and they were running!
      > This freed us up for other activities on Saturday morning and
      afternoon. Pam found that there was a 50 km bike path that went
      along the river from the Old Port out to the suburbs. She figured we
      weren’t too far from it, so we decided to look for it to get our
      daily workout in, especially since we would not get to exercise on
      Friday or Sunday. She was unsure of parking when we found it. We
      left the hotel parking lot, made a left, and a half block later at
      the stop light found the path! So we went right back to the hotel
      and left the car there and went for an hour and a half walk. Next
      time we bring the bikes.
      > In the afternoon we went to the Old City and Old Port. It was
      beautiful. We were very, very impressed. It seemed nicer than the
      Old City of Montreal, which is a little seedier with a lot of tacky
      souvenir shops. We found a nice little cafe and had a nice late
      lunch outside. We ended up walking around over two hours, and with
      the hour and a half on the path we were pretty tired as it was hot.
      > But it was time to head to East Broughton. On the way, I had my
      all-time record fill up cost of $69. Gas is about $4.50 a gallon. I
      didn’t know what to except at East Broughton, because it is
      somewhat run down, but it tuned out to be decent. They had five
      divisions of stock cars. Car counts were not great by any means, but
      38 total cars was probably more than I expected.
      > The best thing about the track is that it was very well watered.
      Then ALL the cars came out to run in the track and wheel pack. The
      result was that the track was in very good condition, tacky and with
      no dust. The crowd was decent, but certainly not great.
      > Overall I was very pleased to get a Friday track out of the way, as
      well as a Saturday track that is hard to get info about. In
      addition, we had a wonderful time in Quebec City. That gives me 98
      tracks in Canada. I plan to get to 100 Canadian tracks (as well as
      100 figure 8 tracks) before returning to school on August 23.
      > This weekend is VERY up in the air. The only new track that seems
      likely is the Otsego County Fair figure 8 race on Friday. There is a
      possibility of the Livingston County Fair for a jalopy car race on
      Thursday. But the fair website does not mention jalopy cars and the
      SCORR website no longer mentions them as being part of the show. So
      that doesn’t look good. To make matters worse, I no longer have
      the SCORR guy’s phone number. I didn’t save it because I thought
      it was on the website, but it is not, I got it off the Farmersville
      flyer, which I gave to Rick Schneider as a souvenir. But Rick is on
      vacation so I can’t call him to ask him, and Mike K. no longer has
      the other copy of the flyer that we had. I have e-mailed SCORR but
      race tracks and sanctioning bodies response rate to e-mails is
      probably about 25% so I am not optimistic.
      > Will also lists two Ontario fairs that are held this weekend as
      active for figure 8 races. These are sanctioned by ODD. They have
      demo derbies advertised at both fairs this weekend, but the ODD
      website does not mention figure 8 racing at all. I also have an e-
      mail in to them, but I don’t expect a response as I didn’t get
      one the other time I e-mailed them. However, I do have a phone
      number and I will call on Tuesday and hopefully can talk to someone.
      > I would say it does not look good for Livingston, NY on Thursday;
      Peterborough Exhibition, ONT on Saturday; or the Gooderham Horseshoe
      Days Festival, ONT on Sunday. Most likely, Morris will be the only
      new track this weekend, unless I get ambitious and go to Cashmere,
      which is unlikely.
      > Check out AOL.com today. Breaking news, video search, pictures,
      email and IM. All on demand. Always Free.
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    • Vanden Eynde Roland
      Hello colleagues, Long before I found out trackchasing ever existed, I had a habit of going to some late season races on southern French road courses. I ve
      Message 331 of 331 , Nov 12 6:43 AM
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        Hello colleagues,

        Long before I found out trackchasing ever existed, I had a habit of going to some late season races on southern French road courses. I've long since exhausted those new track opportunities, but still there are a few French road courses I have to visit. Last weekend I added a rather remarkable one to my portfolio.

        Why drive an entire day if a high speed train brings you there in half that time? Since I discovered the multitude of possibilities of the French high speed trains, I like to take advantage of their services whenever suitable. Unlike my two previous train travels, this time, I couldn't get round Paris, but still that wasn't such a problem. I boarded a train to Paris Nord just past 11.15 a.m. and 75 minutes later it got me to Paris. In the north station of Paris, I had 85 minutes to get to Paris Bercy station by underground. It only took me 25 minutes to do so and I had ample time to take my numbered seat on the train to Clermont-Ferrand. Another 90 minutes later I got there. I had booked a hotel (Hotel des Commerçants) only yards from the railway station. The weather was a little cold, but sunny and after a long walk I had enough of an appetite to go for an early steak dinner at a Hippopotamus. These are chain restaurants a bit reminiscent of Applebee's.

        On Saturday morning I got back to the railway station to fetch my hire car at Sixt. They gave an excellent rate and handed me a Renault Twingo with only 75 miles on the clock. Unlike in Montréal, I didn't add thousands of miles to it, as my target for the day was less than 35 miles from the town centre. The French tyre manufacturer Michelin has its roots in Clermont-Ferrand and the centrepiece of those roots is its research centre at Ladoux (Auvergne region). This complex, officially called "Centre de recherche Michelin de Ladoux", is a beauty. It's in lush green surroundings. Inside a 5 mile high speed trioval, it harbours several testing grounds for dry weather tyre testing, wet weather tyre testing, braking, etc. The dry weather testing is done on a 2770 metres long flat track with numerous corners. It is on this track that twice a year countable races are held. Last Saturday, two Porsche clubs (one local and one Swiss) held a sprint and endurance meeting. This being a tyre test track, it has neither pit lane nor specific paddock area. I had to park my hire car on a piece of concrete where trailers and cars of team members were parked. Another part of that concrete area was turned into an improvised pit lane. In the morning, they held three 20 minute sprint races for various Porsche classes, while after a two hour lunch break (although there was only a local hot dog stand to get food from), allcomers got on the track for a two hour endurance race. The twisty nature of the track made for good racing, but the track surface was rather slick and there were spins galore. But as this track was surrounded by large grassy runoff areas, no cars were severely damaged. Not being a great fan of Porsches (I like Ferraris and Maseratis better), I left halfway the endurance race and had a nice drive in the hills surrounding Clermont-Ferrand. The entire landscape consists of extinct volcanoes and it's really gorgeous. I got back into town at dusk, handed the car back in and after another nice dinner, I had a good night sleep.

        Sunday morning, I got on the train back to Paris. Just like on Friday, the journey went by smoothly. So much for my contribution to tracks in November, as the rest of the month will not involve any new trackchasing for me.


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