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Re: [TrackChasers] Re: Any races in MI, IN, or OH Easter weekend?

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  • colin herridge
    Gordy, Apology accepted my friend. Colin RPMGORDY@aol.com wrote: Buenos dias from your breadman, Don t run away alarmed. I just returned from a vacation on the
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 10, 2006
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      Apology accepted my friend.

      RPMGORDY@... wrote:
      Buenos dias from your breadman,

      Don't run away alarmed. I just returned from a vacation on the Riviera
      Maya in Mexico and need to make amends for my last post. I've already
      corresponded with Andy Ritter about it, and granted his request to delete it from the
      archives. My problems with Randy Lewis are well documented, and I once again
      used some bad judgement and allowed it to spill over into this listserve. My
      private attempts to resolve our latest disagreement went unresponded to and I let
      my emotions get the best of me and I tried to use this forum to draw him out.
      Two wrongs do not make a right, and I was wrong to do that. I was also wrong
      to put Will and Andy on the spot. I've already apologized to Andy via email,
      and now I do so to Will. Forgive me, my friend. I've never let anyone get under
      my skin like this before, and it's led me to respond in ways I didn't think
      possible. If anyone actually wants to hear my side of this whole fiasco I'll be
      glad to respond privately. Otherwise, I promise to leave this personal crap
      out of this forum and apologize to anyone I may have inadvertantly offended.
      I've put myself on probation and throw myself on the mercy of the group.



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