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9708Re: [TrackChasers] Happy New Year 2006

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  • Will White
    Jan 1, 2006
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      Guy Smith wrote:
      "I would love to read from others in the group what their TrackChasing goals or plans are for 2006."

      I believe my goals for 2006 are about the same as they were for 2005.

      **I would like to continue to lengthen my streak of seeing races in at least one new country each year**

      2005 was the 10th consecutive year in which I have succeeded in doing this. Of course I got carried away and added 6 new countries last year, which was a record until the new continental leaders were listed recently.

      I highly doubt I'll ever add that many more countries to my list in any future year, but hopefully I'll be able to add 1 or 2 for many years to come. Planning and actually going to races in so many different countries is such an incredible experience that has gotten so much easier in the past 10 years. Many of us have gone to such great lengths to add tracks to our lists over the years that the average person can't begin to comprehend what it involves and how we can be so dedicated to our hobby.

      **I would like to continue working toward becoming the first to get 100 tracks in Canada**

      Guy, I think by allowing you to eliminate your 7 track deficit last year I've done my share of helping. Of course I'm kidding, the real reason you caught up to me was because I got greedy in Europe and blew my trackchasing budget for the summer. At any rate, if you don't push me too hard I'll try to keep up with you until we get to 99. Then it's every man for himself. :) It'll be tough if you're planning to go that far this year.

      Another goal that goes hand-in-hand with the 100 tracks in Canada is to have 100 tracks in 2 countries. Colin C., just 5 more USA tracks would give you the distinction of being the first to achieve 100 in 2 different countries. Guy and I still need 16 in Canada, so you still have time to beat us.

      **I would like to join PJ, Guy and Norm in getting 100 tracks in 2 different states**

      I only need 2 more in New York so it is easily within reach for me this year. Amazingly, Norm needs just 3 more in NY to become the first to have 100 tracks in 3 states.

      I expect my new track total in 2006 to again be fairly low, perhaps somewhere in the 20s. The expense of a new country trip plus several to Canada will take the vast majority of my resources, but I'm willing to sacrifice quantity for satisfaction of reaching my most treasured goals.

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