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9706[TrackChasers] ice covered tracks

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  • Will White
    Jan 1, 2006

      "Ice tracks formed over an existing paved or dirt track can not be
      counted as an additional track, but they can be used to count the track
      once." I think the rule is clear here. In my opinion we are far better
      off with the rule the way it is, than it would be to have to determine
      exactly how much ice covering we need and how much is left as the race
      goes on. That's one mess I am dead set against trying to officiate. It
      might have been completely ice covered at Brockville today, but suppose
      someone goes next year and most of the ice melts off and they keep
      running with a mostly dirt track? That's sometimes the way it happens.

      You're right about Brockville being the same situation as St-Guillaume.
      Both are normally dirt ovals, but when they run an ice race we don't
      count it as a second track. Whether they have a regular dirt track under
      the ice or not it still only counts as dirt.


      Rick Young wrote:

      >Ive just returned from my first race of the year, at the Brockville Ontario Speedway for the Hangover 100 lap Enduro, there were aprox 10 or maybe 12 cars racing but , believe it or not, the racing was quite entertaining.
      >As you know Brockville is normaly a clay surface, but today it was definately ice-racing . The clay was no where to be seen , and even after 100 laps of racing, the hard packed snow and solid glare ice was still in tact .. I have over 40 photos as evidence... The situation at Brockville today was no different to the track at St Guillaume in Quebec ( dirt in the summer then ice in the winter) . We`ve discussed on here in the past , that we should only have two countable surfaces per track, so am I able to count Brockville today as "ice" aswell as the "dirt" I already have ?
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