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8418Fw: #788 MT Pleasant Speedway, Mt Pleasant, MI

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  • Edward J. Esser
    Jul 3, 2005
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      Hi All,
      A Holiday weekend is here and it's time to fight the crowds on the
      roads. After a quick check of the weather I headed to Michigan for a
      couple of great cool days. You have to be kidding - I got a call from
      Roger and Cherry Speedway in Fife Lake canceled ( it was too cold and
      cloudy - it's going to be 55 degrees tonight) And we wonder why the
      local tracks are struggling. I chose a closer track anyway and headed
      to Mt Pleasant. Tonight was the mid season championships which start
      the features by points - high point driver on the pole. We used to do
      this in Wisc too but it is just a reward for the top point people and
      not much of a race for the fans. For $11 we got to see the special
      show - There was nothing special about it! Races were scheduled for 8PM
      and about 6:45 they started with qualifying on the nice 3/8-mile banked
      dirt track. No warmups just 2 laps of time for each car in ALL classes:
      25 Michigan Mods, 17 Limited Lates, 29 street stocks and 21 four cyl.
      At 8:15 they took an intermission ( by this time the track had started
      drying)and then went into dashes and heats followed by semis for mods
      and streets. They did take a few minutes to rewater the top side after
      the third heat race and that saved the top for a while. The track has
      adequate lights and good viewing angles but the speakers were not
      clear. Now it was 10:40 and they announced that the 4 features would be
      13 minutes each! Well with starts straight up by points maybe they
      would just sring out and follow the leader on the dry track. Wrong.
      They did start out with the top class but the Mods just had multi car
      pile ups on each of the first two starts. They had yellows on lap 2 and
      lap 6 before the checkers were finally thrown for Chad Bauer who had a
      good lead from the first row. In fact none of the four features tonight
      would go the distance ( whatever that was - they never said - maybe
      they knew the cars would never get there). The limited lates piled up
      twice and then had 4 more yellows when the checkers were thrown on them
      at about lap 12. The front rows were in wrecks and 5th starter Alvie
      Haynes got the win. The late models got some extra time because the lap
      3 tangle locked two cars together and took about 10 minutes to move the
      slow motion wrecker people. The street stocks were on their third
      yellow and about 8 laps when the towel was thrown in on them and
      Lawrence Sprague JR was the winner. And the mini stocks got three
      yellows before the clock ran out for them too with Adam Thrush getting
      the checkers. I would hope that this track does better on a weekly
      basis but then I almost know better without seeing a regular show!

      #788 7/1/05 Mt Pleasant Speedway - Mt Pleasant, MI - 3/8 dirt -
      Michigan Modifieds