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  • RPMGORDY@aol.com
    Nov 1, 2000
      Hi, guys.

      Andy. I talked to Dave Kittey today and he wasn't sure that he'd ever met
      you. He says to tell you to introduce yourself should the occasion present

      Gary J. The reservations are made and I will be at Pahrump on Dec. 3. Let me
      know if you plan on attending and I'll try and hook up with you. Thanks again
      for the date.

      This past weekend I had the rare chance to add 2 tracks to my list that had
      been closed for 20+ years. Both shows suffered from their owners
      inexperience. Neither facility was totally ready. One was paved, the Chemung
      Speedrome, and will be a state of the art facility upon completion. The other
      is dirt, the Latrobe Speedway, and is changed little, except for new
      bleachers and buildings. Both ran in the afternoon because the lights were
      inoperable, yet ran into darkness. Both ran 4 divisions when 1 or 2 would be
      better for getting your feet wet. Both had inefficient and inconsistent
      officiating despite the fact that most of the officials themselves had
      experience at other tracks. Neither had concession stands able to handle the
      decent yet less than capacity crowds on hand. The first has delusions of
      granduer, already booking a NASCAR modified tour race for next year that the
      facility won't be able to handle even when completed! . The other plans to run
      a more economical show on Sunday nights that probably won't have any touring
      series, at least for the first year. I wish them well, but have a better
      feeling for the success of Latrobe. Just my opinion.     Gordy
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