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    Oct 1, 2000
      Hello Everyone,
      I just visted my 600th track at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on saturday,
      September 30th for a CORR off road race. Saturday night I saw a race on the
      infield figure 8 track at Florence, KY for #601.
      I have categorized those 601 tracks into the following:
      Ovals:  Dirt                 359
                 Asphalt           185
      Road/Street Courses:
                 Asphalt             30
                 Dirt                     9
      Indoor:  Concrete           13
                  Dirt                    2
                  Wood                 1
      Figure 8:  Dirt                  2
                   Total               601
      Even though I have only attended 2 stand-alone figure 8 tracks (Florence,KY
      last night and Westmoreland Fair, PA in 1999), I have a fondness for figure 8
      racing; my brother and I raced a 1967 Mustang in 1976 at the North Hills
      Speedway, Mount Nebo, PA in the figure 8 division.
      Included in the above 601 tracks are 6 Champ Kart tracks, 2 Mini-Cup tracks
      and 4 tracks that I saw only the Antique Auto Racing Association (old sprint
      cars, etc.).
      I feel only a little bit of sympathy for Randy Lewis in his track chasing efforts.
      He commented on 9/18/00: "As a matter of fact, I've seen 56 new tracks this
      year and I've only passed one track chaser all year and that guy doesn't even
      own a car!" He should be in my shoes; so far this year I have attended 82 new
      tracks and I've only passed Pappy Hough, who has been deceased for around
      5 years.
      Andy Sivi
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