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541Will's travels

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  • Allan Brown
    Aug 1, 2000
      Reading Will's experiences on the road is great. Everyone keep it up.

      Road construction, like the kind you wrote about in North Dakota, is one of
      the pains we have to go thru. The worse one we ran into this year (so far)
      was NW of Albuquerque. The sign said "construction the next 30 miles"...
      well it turned out to be over 100 miles, the only good thing was you could
      maintain 55 mph most of the time.

      What's the longest detour anyone's been on? One time in Wisconsin, I had to
      take a detour because of a bridge being out. After about a 1/2 hour I
      looked at the map to see where in the heck it was taking me. The detour
      added 60 miles to my trip, and need less to say I ended up getting to
      Owatonna an hour later than I had planned.

      By now Rich should be the first to 800. Major congrads to him.

      I'm heading to Indy for the Silver Bullet and Truck race. On the way home I
      hope to swing past Waynesfield to look at the place. Roger Ferrell gave me
      exact directions, so it should be a breeze.

      Oh, if anyone sees that they ever run start running mini-sprints at Race-1
      Motorsports Park in DuBois, PA, please let me know. I have the directions,
      and they are extensive. It is in the boonies for sure. I told Gordy the long
      drawn out ordeal I had to go thru to find out just to find the track. Then I
      read him the directions, he just shook his head.

      And no, I'm not going to force everyone to start counting dragstrips, but I
      do have kinda a cute one about drags. A couple of weeks ago an 18 year old
      won $125,000 at a dragstrip in North Carolina (you read it right, 125 Gs).
      He then graduated from high school five days later, so the money will go
      towards his college education, which he didn't need as he going on a full
      scolarship. You see he was valedictorian ( I hope I spelled it right) of his
      West Virginia high school class, and maintained a 4.0 GP throughout high
      school. The lists of his awards in high school filled a half-page in the
      paper I read in it. His name is Jonathan Clay.

      Gotta go, Allan