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  • tomcv58
    Oct 2, 2003
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      I talked to Don Toland(He ran demos including the one in the Astro
      dome that had a Rolls Royce in it around 1975) and he said he went
      to some track in MI(I think) that the bottom division came on the
      track and they pulled a pill to see what direction on the track they
      would run or flagpole. The night he was there there they pulled the
      flagpole and the way it sounded they ran atleast 20 cars around the
      flagpole. Sounded like it was hard on the sheet metal. He said it
      was something to see. Not sure if the cars stayed in the infield or
      had to come back onto the track to make a lap.

      I heard this about a year ago and it was something he had seen maybe
      a month before. This was the only time I had heard about them.

      Allan might know about them as I think they are run in his area.

      Did you hear a track was running them?
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