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4259Re: [TrackChasers] Economaki update: another far away place!

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  • Will White
    May 1, 2003
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      That's interesting. We now have 19 verified countries for Chris and there
      are still 4 more that he mentioned to Allan last year and that we haven't
      found tracks for yet. Belgium was not one of the countries he gave us. If we
      find a couple more countries for Chris that he didn't think of he could
      conceivably end up with the TrackChaser record for most countries. Presently
      Roland Vanden Eynde's 24 is our record.

      On another note, I'm considering removing the Mexican Road Race from Chris'
      track list. I knew it was a point to point race, but after reading more
      about it I now know that it was held over a number of stages as rallies are.
      Truly a classic in auto racing history but I don't think it is TrackChaser

      I wonder where Chris watched the race from. One end of it was in Ciudad
      Juárez, across the border from El Paso, the other end was in Tuxtla
      Gutiérrez, which is a few hours from the Guatemala border. The first running
      in 1950 ran north to south, then from 1951-54 they ran it south to north.


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      > Found another far away track for Chris.
      > 1987- Spa, Belgium, World Sports
      > PJ
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