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373Re: [TrackChasers] Memorial Day Weekend Adventure

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  • Randy Lewis
    Jun 1, 2000
      Here's my thought on the subject. I'd rather see a 40
      car field of great cars with lots of passing and the
      fastest cars starting in the back. At most tracks
      today you're not going to get that.

      That being the case I'd rather watch 10 street stocks
      battle it out on a 1/4 mile track racing three abreast
      and having five different leaders in a 10 lap heat
      race than watch 24 World of Outlaw sprinters run an A
      feature where the front row car wins and there's maybe
      1 or 2 passes for position among the top 10 OR watch
      43 Winston Cup cars race on a 2 1/2 mile track where
      you couldn't identify any of the cars when they are on
      the backstretch because they are so far away or see
      them when they are on the front straight because every
      idiot at a Winston Cup race stands up for 90% of the
      race, let alone the 2-3 hour in/out drive time in
      traffic with 90% of the people who are seeing their
      one of two races of the year. (yes, I know that was a
      run on sentence!)

      --- RTRYFBAR@... wrote:
      > I think it interesting how we have lowered our
      > expectations to coincide with the quality of short
      > track racing in the current age. I don't suspect
      > anyone from the northeast would have called an 18
      > car Modified count "good" in the 1960's, 1970's, or
      > 1980's.
      > Just me opinion.
      > GuySmith

      Randy Lewis
      # 1 trackchaser West of the Mississippi, from San Clemente where the wind chill hovers around 72, all the women are good looking and the children are above average.

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