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    May 1, 2002

      Hamlin is on TrackChaser.com. Did you look in PA? Raceway Park, NJ (oval) is not listed because it is a Champ Kart track, and Will has not as of yet decided to include them on trackchaser.com.


      Sorry to hear that the driver at Hamlin died. They didn't say anything at the track, at least as long as I was there. How did you know that he died on Saturday? You're right. We are off to a bad start this year. The season is just getting started and we had deaths at East Bay, Eldora, Wall, and Hamlin that I can think of hear in the east. Plus that road racer at Homestead. Given the circumstances, I was kinda surprised that they did race at Hamlin.

      Thanks for the pictures of the TrackChaser.com Late Model.