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2255Re: [TrackChasers] from NZ

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    Jan 15, 2002

      I have a list of 35 different places for ice races, just in New York, Massachusettes, Maine, Ontario, and Quebec. I've been to 18, so I'm only halfway.

      So far, it's been too warm to race in the US. Both NY clubs, the Michigan club, and the southern Maine club have yet to find enough ice to get the season underway. Not sure about the Mass. and northern Maine club, but if southern Maine can't run, I'm sure the Mass group can't.

      I'm trying to get Will to go to Quebec this weekend, where it may be cold enough. We found one for Saturday, but he's holding out for two.

      Gordy called last night, he's home from Australia. He ended up getting 8 new tracks on the trip; the two in NZ, one more in 2001 in Australia, and five in 2002 in Australia. Gordy's now less than 20 behind Allan for 2nd place.

      By the way, don't thank me for taking the picture, I didn't take it, I'm in it!

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