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    Jan 1, 2002
      In a message dated 12/31/01 1:50:28 PM, mackie41@... writes:

      << Guy.... How did it go in the South Island, I know Woodford Glen was
      cancelled due to rain, so I hope you didnt make the long trek over there.
      Talking to some of the Guys you spoke to over here at W/Springs, They really
      enjoyed meeting and talking with you and Gordy. >>

      Hi Mackie's & Everyone:

      South Island was great. We stayed in Christchurch, right across the street
      from the botanical gardens.

      We arrived on South Island late afternoon Thursday. Not much time to do
      anything as we were going to the track. As I said, Ruapuna is a very nice
      track, but this meeting was mostly for the solo bikes. In fact, it was one
      of the "Big Four" races for this division this year. Because the bikes were
      running on the outside track, there was not much water down, which made for
      TQ and Modified Sprint racing that was far less exciting than at Western
      Springs. Plus only nine TQ's and six Mod Sprints.

      Friday we drove up the coast to Kaikoura and out on the peninsula to see some
      of the beautiful South Island scenery. We stopped in a grocery store, and
      saw a "Tripe and Onion" frozen dinner. Yuck! By the way Lynda, don't they
      have microwave popcorn in NZ? Not much for iced tea either, are they?

      After leaving Kaikoura, we went to Hanmer Springs and went in the thermal
      pools. That was fun, we did that once before at Whitehorse in the Yukon
      Territory of Canada.

      Saturday we went to the botanical gardens in the morning, then did a little
      shopping in downtown Christchurch in the afternoon. That's when it started
      raining so we ended up in the Internet cafe where I posted from before. I
      called Woodford Glen before driving up there, and they were already postponed
      until Sunday night. By then we were back on North Island. It wouldn't have
      been a very far drive for us though. Since it was raining, we went to the
      Antartica museum near the airport.

      Sunday we flew back to the North Island. I had a road course race planned as
      a backup in case Western Springs got rained out, so I could get a race on
      each island. Since I lost Woodford Glen the night before, we headed to
      Taupo. We got to the Centenial Park road course near the end of the morning
      session, watched a few races, then left. It was an OK road course, only
      about 3/4 mile so you could see the whole course from either grandstand.
      They had both touring and formula cars, plus, sidecars and karts.

      After leaving the races, we went over to Huka Falls. Pretty awesome. Is
      that where you took Gordy on the way to Napier on Thursday? After the falls,
      we went to Orakei Korako Geyserland and Cave, aka the bubbling mud. This
      geothermal area was probably the neatest thing I ever saw in my life, and I
      have been to see glaciers in Alaska, volcanoes in Hawaii, and icebergs in
      Newfoundland. It was so cool. I would go back to New Zealand again just to
      go back there. Being a dope, I only had half a roll of film with me. I
      missed out on many fanstasic pictures.

      Monday our flight to return to the US left at 7:00 p.m., so we had a chance
      to do a couple things. We drove over to the west coast to Waimauku to the
      black sand beach. Very pretty scenery there as well. We stopped for one
      last fish and chips (wrapped in newspaper), then headed to a park in Auckland
      where we watched a youth cricket tourna0ment. I have no clue how that game

      Only 25 hours later, we walked in the door only 30 seconds before midnight,
      although in NZ in had been New Year's almost 18 hours already.

      So Will, here are the tracks to add for Guy and Pam:

      North Island

      Western Springs, Auckland, dirt oval (Sprints)
      Centennial Circuit, Taupo, paved road course (Formula Cars)

      South Island

      Ruapuna, Templeton, dirt oval (TQ Midgets)

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