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18508Re: [TrackChasers] Weekend struggles

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  • ed c
    Jul 27, 2014
      Sometimes the weather beats you. I would join you at the UTV races if the enduro at Dog Hollow scheduled for today didn't get postponed and I could double it up. I'm holding my fingers crossed that Shangra-La II gets the Race of Champions race in today as I'd like to get some racing in even if it isn't new. It should be fun and it is close-by. Next week I have non-racing plans Friday and Saturday so my only hope is to get a new track is on Sunday. Leaning towards microstocks on the Oreville road course but also considering a few other options in New England, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

      On the brights side, I did get to a new track on Friday. I went to Greenwood Speedway in Seven Stars PA for champ karts. They have been having 2-4 show up at each race this year and on Friday they had 3 racing. It was a nice kart track with delicious french fries and free general admission.


      On Sunday, July 27, 2014 8:27 AM, "KNAPPM@... [TrackChasers]" <TrackChasers@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      This week has been a tough one. I picked up a few guys Wednesday for Kutztown. Rain was everywhere but a few weeks ago we lucked out so we took the chance again. The final result was a rainout but just the same it was a short trip. Friday I joined Bill, Freddie and Pete for another short trip to Big Diamond. The weather was good and I do love the wingless racing. The night did not meet my expectations as the midgets had an off night as far as action. Alex Bright certainly did not have an off night as he was a rocket. The modified feature was about the same. The Roadrunners actually had the best feature. Saturday was full of options. I choose the one that I would enjoy the most plus I could take care of a few other work related things on the way. The short story is it was a bad move. Wingless Boss Sprints in my head was all I could think of. I did get to see quite a few as I pulled into Wayne County. I got real excited and so did Mother Nature as she went crazy for about ten minutes. Wayne County pulled the plug quickly. I put out to group members my situation. Suggestions came in quickly. Sandusky-Fremont-Mercer-Deerfield and so on. Mercer was my choice. The sun was shining and my mind was playing tricks. I called Deerfield which was the closest and they felt they could get the track ready within an hour. I arrived and they had the track close to being ready. Good old Mother Nature followed me and ten minutes later poor Deerfield got rain again. I kept close contact with a few of the race teams at Mercer. The group that we started two months ago has huge benefits. The group broke 1300 people yesterday and I think I talked to most of them yesterday. I might be stretching that some but a total of 12 hours in the car had me living dangerously most of the time. Mercer had cars on the track was the word. I am going to see a race. I got to the exit and all of a sudden I got 4 notices. Mercer just cancelled. I had that sick feeling that I got beat by my bad judgement. The entire world seemed to be racing as results started coming by the dozens to my group page. I will still take a little positive from my day in Hell yesterday. I am sitting within 120 miles of my Sunday options. I could get three today if I could swing another tank of gas and felt like being in the car driving all day again. I think I will just take it easy and head for a full day of bikes, quads and a UTV race. I will pass right by Path Valley afterwards if I use the Turnpike. I think I will set the GPS on no tolls and try to be home at a decent hour. Wish me luck that I at least might salvage one new track for my efforts. Safe travels to all Mike K All done on my phone at the motel Walmart

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