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185052014 Race Report #51--Goddells Community Park (F8), MI

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  • rtryfbar2
    Jul 26, 2014

      After an afternoon walk in Flint on Friday, Pam and I headed to the Goodells Community Park for the Saint Claire County 4-H & Youth Fair.  On tap in the bullpen was big and small car figure-8 racing.  On Thursday at Munger the F8 racing was under the USA Demo Derby banner.  Tonight it was Unique Motor Sports.

      The fair and grounds were far larger than I was anticipating.  This is a huge fair but it stays very true to its agricultural roots.  Pam and I were very impressed with the fair, and had a great time.  Parking was free, and the fair admission was only $5 which included the races.  Contrast that with some of the big northeast fairs, like Syracuse, Essex Junction, Hamburg, or even Bloomsburg, where it costs well over $20 to see the figure-8 race when you add together parking, fair admission, and race admission.

      There was a mammoth crowd on hand for the races, filling every seat on both sides of the track, with hundreds more on chairs and blankets in the turns.  Once again the track was large enough for good racing, and the cars did not get stacked up in the turns.

      There were small car and big car classes, as well as a special race for women and youth.  The small cars raced for $500 to win, with the big cars racing for a grand.

      The car count was 23.  There were six small cars and 17 big cars.  There were six entries in the women's race (one was a 12 year old kid), but those cars also raced in the regular events.  They started fairly close to on time at 7:00, but not as spot on as USA.  They sort of explained the format of the show, but again, not nearly as good as USA did the night before.

      There were about two or three too many races, for a total of 13.  The show started with a small car heat, then the women's race.  Those were ten laps.  The big cars had four heats, four consies, and a last chance consie.  Those were 15 laps.  The evening ended with a small car feature, and a big car feature.  They also had a kids Powerwheels race in there somewhere, but only two showed up.

      The heats were good as only the winner transferred to the main and they were all racing hard.  But the consies did not have enough cars and there were too many of them.  Several of the consies had just three cars, and two of them had one disabled early on, leaving a two car race.  There should never be more consies than there were heats.  Quite a few people left during the five consies, which was a too-long stretch where the entertainment level and crowd energy ebbed.

      This show should have lasted no more than two hours, but it went about a half hour longer.  Still, by starting a half hour earlier than the night before, it still ended at around the same time, at 9:30.  We headed back to the fair for another snack, an ice cream cone, and watched a band for a few minutes before heading back to Flint.

      This was my 50th different track of 2014; 32 new tracks and 18 return visits.  Pam and enjoyed this fair so much that we decided to head back again the next day for another visit.

      2014 Guy & Pam Smith Summary

      2014 New Tracks--Guy 32 / Pam 23     (Goal 50)
      2014 Events--Guy 46 (2 tracks at Salem, 3 at Toledo, 2 at Skyline, 2 at ICAR) / Pam 32
      2014 Total Tracks--Guy 50 (2 shows at Sun Bank Arena) / Pam 35
      2014 New Rinks--Guy 7 / Pam 7     (Goal 7)
      2014 New Ballparks--Guy 13 / Pam 12    (Goal 13 for Pam)

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,570 / Pam 903

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