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18498Re: [TrackChasers] 2014 TracChaser Group Race Report #48--Hemlock Farigrounds, NY

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  • Pam Smith
    Jul 20, 2014
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      Thanks Bruce and Pat!  

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      Congrads to Pam on hitting the big 900!!

      Bruce and Pat

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      Pam had off from teaching her night class this past Tuesday, and our plan was to go to Big Diamond to meet up with Roland on the tail end of his 2014 North American Tour (Part 1). Then Vince Sadowski discovered that the Hemlock Fair in Hemlock, NY was having a figure-8 race Tuesday night and said he would be there. Roland agreed that Hemlock would be a nicer choice than Big Diamond, and would look forward to meeting Vince. Of course Pam and I were in favor of a fair and a new track. Mike K. and Edward C. teamed up to make a half dozen TrackChasers together at the fair. We kept a lookout for PJ all evening, as he had also expressed interest, but we never did see him.

      The plan was perfect as we would fly home from Iowa on Monday, then I would accompany Pam to Bloomsburg U. for a morning meeting on Tuesday, then we would have lunch in Bloom and head to the fair that evening. Or so I thought. It was perfect until our flights home on Monday got delayed once, twice, thrice, four times, five times, and six times. All of a sudden we didn't get home until 3:00 a.m. and had to get up at 6:30 a.m. All part of the game.

      After Pam's meeting and soup/salad/breadsticks at Olive Garden, we headed to Hemlock. On the way, we learned that we had made the right choice as Big Diamond had already canceled very early in the afternoon and wouldn't even use their "advertised" raindate, now referring to it as their "optional" raindate.

      We arrived at the fair in plenty of time. Parking was free, and admission was $12 which included the figure-8 race and demo derby. There was a covered grandstand on one side of the track, and lots of bleachers on the other side. Before the race, I had some salt potatoes. It was great sitting with the gang, especially seeing Roland and introducing him to Vince.

      This is not the first time there was racing at the Hemlock Fair. They had stock car racing on the half mile horse track from soon after WW2 until 1953. The half mile is still there, and I took some shots of the track for my collection. I wish that I had been taking pics of the old tracks like this for the past 35 years instead of just once in a while. I missed recording a lot of old tracks that way.

      This was more of a demo derby show than a figure-8 show, and there would only be one figure-8 feature. Luckily for us, the race was first. And they started just about right on time at 7:00. Well before 7:30, the race was over and the new track was in the books.

      This was a milestone track for Pam, as it was her 900th career track since her first in 1990. She is looking forward to joining the exclusive "1,000 Track Club" in three or so years. I think I can help with that!

      As tired as we were, the race part of the show was over so early that we stayed for the first derby and continued our TrackChaser fellowship. Vince, Mike, and Edward began planning to meet again two days later at another NY fair figure-8. Baseball plans and Pam's course at Ohio University this weekend prevented us from joining them. We headed back to the fair for a couple dozen steamed clams, finishing off the evening with an ice cream cone. All that and we were still home by midnight. A great day.

      No new tracks for me this weekend. One race, a second visit to Legendary Hilltop. Baseball Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will take up most of the weekend. Should be a good one if the weather cooperates.

      2014 Guy & Pam Smith Summary

      2014 New Tracks--Guy 30 / Pam 20 (Goal 50)
      2014 Events--Guy 43 (2 tracks at Salem, 3 at Toledo, 2 at Skyline, 2 at ICAR) / Pam 29
      2014 Total Tracks--Guy 47 (2 shows at Sun Bank Arena) / Pam 32
      2014 New Rinks--Guy 7 / Pam 7 (Goal 7)
      2014 New Ballparks--Guy 11 / Pam 11 (Goal 13 for Pam)

      Lifetime Total Tracks--Guy 1,568 / Pam 900

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