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18171Good trip with the 2013 Champ

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  • snakeyk1usa
    Apr 14, 2014
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      I was able to squeeze a road trip in between two other activities that were scheduled. The champ from 2013 wanted to get a new track to get his season started. It did not take long for us to agree on our track for Saturday. We could have doubled it up but we both wanted to see the group of NDRL Late Models we been hearing so much about. The VMS track was in excellent shape and we both came away happy that we chose VMS. The late models and the huge payoffa have passed the sprint car racing I loved for years in my opinion. I penciled a few more dates down as I walked the treadmill that I am still on. VMS was new for Jeff but it was about my fifth time there. I will return for another big LM show. Thanks Jeff for a good weekend. I know by now everyone knows the results so there is no need for me to do race details. Next week Kentucky so we hope to maybe see Dave if he is feeling better. Safe travels to all snakeyk1usa@...