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18170Oreville Kart Club

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  • terrapin44
    Apr 14, 2014

      I had non-racing plans that kept me away from the races on Friday and Saturday and left me with limited travel time on Sunday. However, I still managed to get one new countbale racetrack in at the Oreville Kart Club. Judging from last season’s car counts going into the weekend I knew Oreville wasn’t as sure thing as the countable divisions (microstocks and senior champ karts on the oval) don’t always have enough vehicles show up to count. However, I saw online that at least a few champ karts were planning to show up and since I didn’t have many other options I figured I had a good shot at seeing countable racing and it was worth the trip. I showed up at about 12:00 noon when they were supposed to start practice. The first thing I noticed across the track was 2 microstocks and a number of champ karts. The microstocks made me happy because I knew they weren’t age restricted. Practice started about an hour or so late and racing more than an hour and a half after advertised time (racing was supposed to start at 1:00 pm). Eventually, however, there was countable racing for 6 microstocks and 9 senior champ karts on the oval. They actually had 8 microstocks at the track but 2 broke before the first lap of the heat race. There was also flat karts racing on the road course but unfortunately nothing countable )not that I expected anything countable). So, one new official track for me this weekend and one new non-countable track. Hopefully I can get back to Oreville when the microstocks have there annual road course race.