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181542014 TrackChaser Report #11--Speed Creek II, IN

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  • rtryfbar2
    Apr 7, 2014
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      The original plan for the weekend was to head to Michigan for the final race of the Midwest Indoor Racing Series at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex in Lansing.  That race was canceled when the series could not guarantee the ability to pay the purse.

      That set us scrambling to find a backup plan, and eventually pointed us to Indiana.  It worked out well in the end as we doubled our original planned new track total of one, almost tripled it, and saw USAC Sprints to boot.  On Friday after Mike and I both put in a full day of work, I met Mike at the Reading Airport.  From there we rented a car and drove to Saint Clairsville, OH.  On Saturday morning, we finished the drive to Lapel, Indiana, home of Speed Creek II.  Roger Ferrell first alerted me to this track and told me that it was still in operation, Roger having been there for NASKarts in the 1990's.

      On tap was the Midwest Asphalt Oval Series for Champ Karts and flat go-karts.  MAOS is a five-race series encompassing five different states: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.  The five host tracks are Kartington, OH; Speed Creek II, IN; Mid State Kart Club, IL; Saint Louis Karting Association, MO; and Jamaica Raceway, IA.  The only one I had been to was Kartington.

      We thought a series that spanned that large of a geographic region for karts must be paying a decent payout, and that would mean a good turnout of Senior Champ Karts.  The purse was not near what we thought it would be, and the sliding scale used paid the winner of the five-car Senior Champ Kart field just $30.

      Racing was set for the afternoon, and thankfully without the time trial qualifying that many of the big kart shows have.  This would be all racing.  We arrived early, as both Mike and I like to do.  I had a chance to meet one of the track owner/promoters.  He welcomed us to his track, and told me about the time some guy from California visited a few years ago, so he understood the TrackChasing requirements and assured us they would deliver what we were looking for.  Real nice guy.  The track is now for sale.  Pit admission was $15, but the spectator stands were free.

      The track is called Speed Creek II.  Was there a Speed Creek I?  The answer is “Yes”, not really Speed Creek I but just Speed Creek.  But it was the same track.  When the new promoters took over the track, they changed the name to Speed Creek II.  The track is a paved eighth of a mile oval and is overall a very clean facility.  It has a refreshment stand with good variety, and clean permanent restrooms.  The pits are a little small so it’s in a way good that they had far fewer entries than they were expecting.

      The promoter had told Norm he was expecting over 100 Champ and flat karts, but the actual number was a bit under 50.  They had entries in ten of the 16 listed classes.  Each driver ran two heats and a feature.  Two of the classes had their field split for the heats.

      As the three of us had evening racing plans, we didn’t see the whole MAOS show at Speed Creek II.  But what we saw was a good facility and decent racing that would have improved with a better turnout of racers. 

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