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  • rtryfbar2
    Apr 4, 2014
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      Yahoo!Groups considers posting to be a privilege, not a right.  They provide tools for moderators to use in managing groups.  Yahoo!Groups also defines moderated status as "suitable for any member who has been disruptive to the group." Use of this feature has been reinstated.

      In recent months, attempts to stop the use of this listserve for personal attacks or to air personal grudges have been exhausted.  These have included deleting posts after the fact, private verbal and written communication, face-to-face meeting, and offering a voluntary moderated status that would not be made public.

      Posts are meant to be informative and entertaining, not to degrade, correct spelling/grammar, upset, spy on and tattle on others, or otherwise act in a disruptive way that adds nothing to the group experience.

      In recent months, use of the listerve to air personal grudges has again increased.  Damage has been caused and it must stop.  During that time, a single poster has used the listserve to refer to other group members as hypocrites, leeches, bastards, clowns, jerks, bigots, liars, poisoning, vile, poor imitations of trackchasers, disgusting, dishonorable, comical, and that they should be vilified.

      The moderators of this group all had high hopes for its unmoderated use.  The lesson learned by the previous moderator, one I should have learned sooner and that no doubt hundreds of Yahoo!Group moderators learned before us, is that posting moderation is needed to prevent groups from destroying themselves.  That is the very reason Yahoo!Groups supplies moderators with various membership and posting control tools.

      The previous moderator told a story of another group he was active in where actions of one person ruined it for everyone.  That group is now dead.  We must try our best to prevent that from happening to our group.

      Moderated status means nothing more than submitted posts are reviewed and approved before group distribution.  It is neither punishment nor probation.  It is meant to prevent postings that do not positively add to the group experience.  For most, this change will have no affect on their postings.  For those that continued to use the forum for personal attacks and to air personal grudges, the moderated status is meant to filter out undesirable content.  Moderation will be used with the intent to be in the best interest of everyone, including the moderated.

      Personal attacks directed specifically at other listserve members will not be tolerated.  Those that can't live within the guidelines will be moderated.  If the result is that some choose to leave the community or no longer participate, it is hoped that it will eventually attract participation by newer members or those that have stopped posting.  Sometimes you have to temporarily take one step back to eventually take two steps forward.

      Many listserves are dying out as newer technology emerges.  Ours is in its 15th year with over 18,000 posts and remains a positive and useful source of information for those of us in the hobby.  The vast majority of messages have been just that.  Let's keep them all that way.

      Guy Smith
      TrackChaser Yahoo!Group Listserve
      Owner and Moderator