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18126Re: [TrackChasers] New Track News - TN

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  • rtryfbar2
    Mar 19, 2014
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      Thanks for the update on I-40 Raceway.  The Sunday afternoon schedule will definitely benefit those trying to put together multi-new track weekend trips, as Sunday tracks in the eastern third of the country are pretty scarce.  The recent history of Sunday afternoon tracks, especially in this part of the country, does not bode well for it though.  Maybe they can buck the trend.  Hopefully they will open in May.  Keep us posted if you find out a specific opening date.

      Guy Smith

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      Here is an update on the new track being built fairly close to the site of the old Atomic Speedway in Tennessee.

      The name (thankfully) will not be "The New Atomic Speedway" as owner Chris Corum had previously suggested, rather it will be called "I-40 Raceway".  The newly constructed 1/4-mile track will start as a grassroots operation running Sunday afternoons.  From a Track Chaser standpoint, one has to appreciate the Sunday afternoon option...however, with only minimal/smaller classes being raced in an area that's more than hungry for Late Models, one has to wonder how long they will sustain such a schedule.

      Hope all works out for them...Chris Corum is a good guy.


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