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180542014 TrackChaser Group Week 8 Summary

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  • rtryfbar2
    Feb 27, 2014

      (Weekly Listserve Update #164) If you got a suspicious email from me it's because my AOL account was hacked.  Nice birthday present for me.  The password has been changed.

      This past week we once again found our group members TrackChasing in Florida and Texas.  In total, eight new tracks were visited last week between those two states.

      Another 114 tracks were added to the database when TrackChaser Research Group Project Driver Frankie Schneider's 114 tracks found to date were entered in the database.  This particular driver track list project was led by me, and also included PJ Hollebrand.  But this one was among the first of our driver research projects that had significant collaboration from people outside of our group.  A major contributor was Den Keenan, who wrote the book, literally, on Frankie.  Maryland historian Larry Jendras made significant contributions as did several of his friends.  NSSN columnist Gary London added All Star Racing League information as did respected historian Ken Parrotte of New York.  Some of Frankie's old pit crew and family members made valuable contributions as well.  I hope that we can get more people involved in these types of research projects in the future, now that 100 tracks will qualify US drivers as well.  Another benefit of Uni 100.  The Frankie Schneider track list is in its early stages, with plenty of room for additional tracks as well as refinement and completion of those tracks already listed.  The best way to keep the ball rolling is to get it published on the website and invite others to help improve it.  Check it out if you have interest, and let me know any additional information or corrections you have available.

      In addition to Frankie's regular tracks, one "other" track was added as Frankie competed in go karts in the Bahamas when it was part of the United Kingdom.

      Another 1,000 track names were completed, corrected, or verified on that particular project.  There have now been 5,000 of 39,000 names completed.

      With the Frankie Schneider track list added to the website, it makes nine straight weeks where a new track list was added to the group, including at least one person every week during 2014.

      The TrackChaser Accomplishment of the Week goes to Will White.  His new track in Texas was number 799, only one track from climbing to the next rung on the TrackChaser Ladder.

      The group has added racing at new tracks during all eight weeks of 2014 so far.  The total number of new tracks for this year is up to 64.  That's not enough, we want more!  Edward Corrado now has 17 new tracks already this year and remains the Big Dog of 2014.





      Monday, February 17

      Edward Corrado--Aburndale Speedway, FL
      Edward Corrado--New Smyrna Speedway, FL

      , February 18

      Edward Corrado--
      Daytona International Speedway (Paved Short Track), FL

      Gordy Killian--Daytona International Speedway (Paved Short Track), FL
      Bing Metz--Daytona International Speedway (Paved Short Track), FL

      Saturday, February 22

      Bruce Eckel--Showtime Speedway F8, FL
      Pat Eckel--Showtime Speedway F8, FL

      Sunday, February 23

      Will White--Abilene Speedway, TX



      2014 New Track Visits Reported --64
      2014 Number of Group TrackChasers With New Tracks Added This Year--25
      2014 US States Visited for New Tracks--12 (AZ, CA, FL, GA, MI, NC, NH, NJ, OH, TN, TX, VA)
      2014 Canadian Provinces Visited for New Tracks--1 (QC)
      2014 Countries Visited for New Tracks--3 (CAN, FRA, USA)



      Lifetime Group Total of Reported TrackChaser New Track Visits--38,747 (+122)
      Lifetime Unique Number of Different Tracks Visited--(Approximate at this time)
      Lifetime Unique Track Locations Visited--
      (Approximate at this time)
      Additional "Non TC Classified Tracks"--154 (+1)
      Different Countries in Which Members Have Seen Racing--76
      All Time Number of Listed Group Members--93 (+1)


      The following are welcome at any time for those that would like to improve the information already contained on their personal track listing:

      * Dates to listed tracks
      * Modifications to the track names currently listed (I am working on this for everyone)
      * Information for the "Track Notes" column for each track visited
      * Tracks for any of the various "Non TC Classified" categories that are outside of TrackChasers group

      Information in the "Non TC Classified" categories will be updated as soon as possible, with preference always being given to the TC stats and to group reserach project drivers.

      All TrackChaser group statistics are available at any time on my website at www.roamingtheraceways.com.

      Please report your new track visits in as timely a manner as possible so that all can enjoy and celebrate the travels of the other members of our group that share our hobby. Continue to submit your ideas for changes or improvements to my website and my YahooGroups! listserve. Thank you.

      Catch ya next time!

      Guy Smith