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  • rpmgordy
    Feb 23, 2014
      Greetings from your breadman,
           Desk top and laptop computers both had mechanical gremlins the past 3 weeks. The lousy weather kept pushing back their repair. Finally got it done last Monday. Just in time to join the Eckels in FL for 4 days. They offered the spare bedroom in their timeshare and rides to the track. It served as a reminder that Ed Esser used to do so for many a moon. It was an honor to fill that vacancy 1 night after Bing Metz had done so. The Eckels are great hosts and better friends. Thank you, guys. I got 1 new track and visited 3 old conquests. Not bad for a bunch of rain dodgers. Did I mention I never wore a jacket all week? Sorry to rub it in. :-)
           First up was the only new track, as I attended the Battle on the Beach on the Daytona International Speedway backstretch. This year's final version of the track was a very tight .375 oval that didn't allow much passing for the Whelen Modified Tour or the K&N Pro Series. It did make for many cautions. I thought I was back in Trenton. Never saw Bing or Edward who ironically was in the top row of the section I was in at the bottom. I sure didn't like parking more than half a mile away on the apron of the big track. I cared little for the snarly attendant that told me I should've gotten there earlier. This jerk later offered to lead me closer for a tip. You don't want to read the tip I offered. The racing was uneventful, but adhered to the posted schedule. The long walk back to the car was painful, but I was still on the road by 10:00 knowing I'd taken advantage of a final opportunity.
           The next 3 nights were spent at Volusia County, Bubba's Raceway Park and East Bay Raceway respectively. VCS gave me ticket shock with a $39 general admission. The horror!
      All other shows were $25. Thank you, DIRTcar, for being so greedy. Adios.
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